◊ The origin

The origin of the O’ren started from Niem O’ren and Kelly Pearson. Niem himself was a French descendant while Kelly was a Scottish descendant. Niem and Kelly’s story is covered in [Legends arc] [Venus] [2799].

But to sum the story up, initial Venus colonization fleet made an abysmal start and crush-landed on Venus surface. Only few crews made it and among them, there were Niem O’ren and Kelly Pearson.

Fortunately for the survivors, where they crush-landed was within a large crater where they were somewhat protected from harmful elements within untamed Venus atmosphere. They were able to construct an underground base and that was how Venus colonization began. Niem led the survivors and wedded widowed Kelly whose husband was the chief of the colonization team.

◊ Dominance on Venus

The O’ren dominance on Venus was a natural progression. It was them who settled down the first on the planet and naturally they held political powers from the beginning.

No one doubted or even challenged their dominance and it was only normal for other Venusians to firmly believe that the planet was theirs. The Bau did once make an attempt to establish a division on Venus which failed badly.
Their dominance met a gradual decline when the Klisis and the Vues migrated to the planet. Their dominance stood firm and intact for hundreds of years after their arrival but it was gradually weakened. By year 9599 when Cecil took Venus over Illy O’ren, the clan’s dominance on the planet was in question.

The clan’s golden era was during President Mirren’s regime which was also when the clan produced their first and the last class S ESP in Marat O’ren who wedded Cecil Klisis. The marriage did not last long as Marat was lost in a top secret experiment.

◊ Rivalry with the Bau

The O’ren for many generations were a big and powerful clan. However, their influence was largely restricted to Venus. Their attempts to expand their sphere of influence was blocked by the Bau.

Even in their golden era, the O’ren wasn’t too determined to expand their sphere of influence. Historians argue that it was due to the fact that their home planet was never threatened. Because they always felt safe and sound at home, they weren’t determined to expand.
Therefore, while there was a rivalry with the Bau, it was rather passive. The Bau was happy as long as the O’ren was stuck on Venus and the O’ren was content that the Bau did not bother entering their home planet.

◊ The downfall and afterwards (9665)

Historians agree in general that their days were always numbered when Cecil chose to make Venus his new home. No one had been able to stand against Cecil and it was only a matter of time before he’d move to strike the O’ren. Furthermore, the O’ren was solely responsible for destroying the Klisis.

However, it must be noted that Cecil did not order or even put the final nail on coffin. It was the O’ren who rose swords against Venus government, the Hammers, and it was the Hammers who finished the O’ren off.

After being thoroughly defeated by Venus government, the O’ren was forced to submit to the Klisis. And Scheer O’ren was appointed to be the new headman for the befallen clan. However, although fallen, the clan thrived afterwards. Scheer’s marriage to one of the members of the Hammers, Dante the mayor of Fallen Crater, tightened the overall relationship.

Between Scheer and Dante, they had seven children. One of their sons, Myelvon, would later become a prominent member of Venus government.