Imagination entertainment

IMG was often abbreviated as Imagination or even more often as IMG.

It was the largest pornography company in Two Clusters and was de facto in the industry.
With their blunt slogan “Sex sells”, they were bold on what they did and how they did it. They covered all kind of pornographies, including homosexual genre. Their shows ranged from simple beach house episodes to scat parties.

HQ of IMG was located on Freedom colony. Due to legal issues, it was the only place they could safely operate.


IMG was, in most cases, a free channel on residents on rent within Freedom colony because IMG subscription fee was included in their rent. Those who didn’t pay rents, meaning owners of properties, had an option to pay for a subscription. If such owners were leasing out suits or apartments, they had to pay for a business subscription to IMG in order for tenants to view IMG for free. Since IMG was popular, landlords usually paid for business subscriptions.

Outside of Freedom colony, IMG was widely available but their fully 100% unlocked live channel was exclusive only to residents of Freedom colony. IMG was legally allowed within Andromeda union whereas IMG was illegal within United Sol, which was due to political reasons. Few select films had been rebranded by United Sol and then were resold. It was still possible to directly connected to IMG with in Sol system and enjoy the channel that way which was illegal but possible.
IMG was also legal on both Venus and Mars.

Distribution methods

IMG was available via what they call “Live channel” within Freedom colony. Live channel is basically a huge library where a user may apply various filters to narrow down results and pick what he wanted to view.

In Andromeda union, their live channel was restricted. One of prime reasons for restrictions on live channel was due to resemblance of some actors/resses to political figures and other important royal people. Also few extreme genres (Such as scat party) were filtered out.

On Venus and Mars, slightly restricted live channel was available although the channel was updated 2 days later than its official channel due to the distance. Few of IMG’s shows were political parodies in nature and they were filtered out.

Conflicts with Freedom colony & others

IMG had some ongoing conflicts with Freedom colony administration.
They had long desired to add Sae to their actress roster which Lila blocked their request at all cost. She even prevented Sae from speaking up her own opinion on the matter. IMG had also desired Reed to add to their actor roster which Lila again blocked. After Lila’s retirement, Reed continued Lila’s stance on the matters. And, after Reed’s death, Masu Jr continued the same stance that none of their agents would appear on IMG.

IMG’s other ventures

MMD (MakeMyDay) was a sub division of IMG Ent.
They also owned a fair amount of agencies throughout the clusters to recruit fresh faces. This included United Sol as well. Running the agency itself was not deemed illegal for United Sol.