United Solar System Federation (United Sol)


United Solar system Federation or far more commonly referred as simply United Sol was a solar system wide nation that existed for approximately 2,500 years before finally collapsing. United Sol was formed on 7192. However, the spirit of United Sol dated all the way back to United States of America.

History (Before United Sol)

While United Solar system Federation was formed on year 7192, aside from the change of the title, the concept of United Sol existed since year 2776.
Space colonization era forced nations to merge together, and thus work together, in order to reach the stars.

On year 2776, when the grand plan to colonize Venus and Mars were unveiled, three most powerful nations of the era asked other nations to unite and form a united nation. They united currency and language (People still had freedom of secondary languages at that time).

And on 2799, early versions of spaceships were sent out to colonize Venus and Mars. Some of this event is covered in [Legends arc] [Venus] [2799]. At this time, the title of United nation was United Minds (UM).

Upon colonization of Venus and Mars, UM changed itself to United planets of Sol (UPS) which later altered to United planets of Solar system. Further colonization of Jupiter, Saturn, and construction of Uranus outpost in 5xxx finally saw the title change to United solar system (USS).

And on year 7192, United Solar system federation was born. While the names changed, the core spirit remained the same.

Nation emblem

United Sol’s emblem was heavily borrowed from the symbol of USA; an eagle. Additionally, circles, representing planets, were drawn alongside. From bottom, the largest blue circle represented Earth. Going up, next was Venus and then Mars. Jupiter, Saturn, and lastly Uranus were represented in smaller circles. Mercury and Neptune were omitted because there was no civilization built on or around them. Pluto was also omitted due to its non-existence influence.

Additionally, Moon was also omitted despite a fact that it had a strong presence.

United Sol navy

United Sol maintained several independent and fleets to protect Sol system. There was Earth defense fleet (11,000 ships by 9599) commanded by the President himself. There was Jupiter fleet (9,000 ships by 9599) commanded by Jupiter administrator. Uranus outpost had a small fleet. Moon also had its own defense fleet of 1,000 ships.

Political structure (Two Clusters era)

The heart of United Sol’s politics was the Ark built by the third President Gawain to replace aging White house.

On surface, the political structure remained fairly identical to USA’s current (2015) structure. There was the house and then the senate. But the size was clearly larger. United Sol’s house had roughly 4,000 members while the senate had approximately 500 members. House member seats were mostly won by elections and some seats were provided for free of charge to clans. Bigger a clan was, more free seats they had.

The Bau clan had always maintained a strong presence in United Sol politics. Usually, they maintained 1,000 seats in the house and a hundred seats in the senate. In contrast, the Klisis was given a single seat in the house.

Senate members weren’t chosen by elections but they were promoted from within by recommendations.

Finally, a president’s power to veto bills & legislation was removed.

True tie system in politics & president’s power

United Sol employed what was known as “true tie system”. It was called “true tie” because the absolute tie was deemed unfair, at least in political voting system.

United Sol politics dictated that a win at the house level required 56% of YES vote instead of just 51%, meaning a legislation having from 45% to 55% was considered a tie. And a tied legislation was allowed to pass onto the senate where the same tie rule applied. If a legislation was tied even in the senate, such a legislation was dismissed unless brought up by the house again.

The president’s power was in the senate where his vote would be counted as a tie breaker if a legislation was still tied at senate level (45% ~55%). He could still opt not to vote in which case the entire decision was up to the senate. The president also retained his exclusive orders. The tie breaker vote proved to be very significant in politics.

Furthermore, during emergencies, only the senate and the president were active. The reason behind this was because of the size of the house. Organizing thousands of members wasn’t an easy feat in emergencies. No legislation was allowed to pass during emergencies. It was for purely decision making purposes for immediate affects as well as issuing martial law.

Broken balance

When Venus and Mars declared independent on 9599, political balance in United Sol became broken. The house seats were reduced to 2,700 from 4,000 which made the Bau presence in the Ark too powerful. This ultimately led United Sol to its doom.

After dissolution

United Sol was dissolved by Cecil on 9670 when United Sol last President Fraser attempted to invade Venus but was counterattacked after losing the invasion badly. Cecil ordered near total bombardment of Earth which would destroy nearly all infrastructure. The Ark was also bombarded.

After the nation was dissolved, Jupiter administrator Emuel declared independence and claimed Earth and Moon.

Gaer, Saturn president, also declared independence and acquired Uranus colony.

Shell of Pluto also declared independence.