VNN, Venus News Network


Employees: Approx. 300 including engineers and part-time scouts.

HQ: Fallen Crater, Venus


VNN was the only news network on Venus. It is important to note that VNN never had any connections with ENN, and ENN had their own Venus division prior formation of VNN which was phased out when it became apparent that VNN became the de-facto news channel.

VNN always tried to stay true to being news network. Therefore, VNN mostly broadcasted news and documentaries. This kept the company fairly small despite growing influence and size later on.

After Venus declared independent which also turned the planet’s government into dictatorship, VNN was forced to abandon some of its ways and act as a medium to send messages (or propaganda) to Venusians.

Main show

VNN’s star program was News 9. The program (45 minutes) aired two times a day on 9AM and 9PM unless there was emergency news to report. Over half of company employees were devoted to this program and it was also the most important & popular program.

News anchor for VNN News 9 was considered to be the top employee, as well as being the mascot, for the company.

There were also editorial talk shows and documentaries which weren’t as well-known as News 9. One of prime examples of VNN documentaries was [Averto & Edith’s adventure] which educated Venusians about the variant wild life of Venus outside of Fallen Crater.


Edith as their spearhead who wasn’t afraid of getting herself into tricky situations, their influence exceeded Venus when United Sol fell and started to cover Earth, Moon and even Saturn and Jupiter in later years.