The release date of Blackfly is unknown. It was believed that 3Ra Syndicate designed and produced them but even that wasn’t a proven fact. There were certainly conflicted reports on the details of this vessel, and seeing the exact same design was seen even during the alien invasion, people outside of the Nebula believed that there were many different internal revisions on the same hull.

Blackfly was a heavy fighter craft. It was a fighter by definition since it was a one-manned space vessel. However, it was a size of a frigate and had the firepower of one.
Blackfly was designed to give maximum comfort to its pilot by providing ample room for him to prolong his stay in deep space for years. This was due to a fact that Nebula pirates often stayed in space for months, if not years. While the vessel was one-manned, it did have enough space for more people.

Blackfly was a powerful vessel in its class. It was as nimble as USF Wasp and was as powerful as USF Stiletto. Additionally, it featured a single powerful laser cannon which was capable of harming USF Courage’s thick armor.
The ship featured no shield since shield was ineffective in nebula. Therefore, it featured thick armors. This ship wasn’t meant to be hit to begin with. As a nimble fighter craft, evasion was its best defense.

Blackfly was hardly seen outside of the Nebula.