Lightwave shipyard was a space vessel construction company based on Mars. Even after the independence of Mars, the company was still allowed to operate within United Sol and elsewhere. They eventually relocated their HQ to Saturn due to the friction between Mars and United Sol.

The company had three ships under “Worker” designation and this class 1 was the smallest and a low-tech variation. Initially released in year 9221, the price was 480,000c with default options, the ship was actually cheaper than SSS Morton which was a luxury car.

Target market for this ship was small-time solo miners. Because of its target market, the barge was low-tech and employed primitive technology to keep its price down. The ship featured a fixed-angle, high frequency, laser turret on front which was powerful enough to break down asteroids. Two mining drones would then pick smaller bits up and bring them to ore crushers located on top of cargo tubes.

Because the ship featured limited air and hygiene controls, this ship was predominantly used in close proximity with stations and planets.


Extra options for this vessel included an extra pair of drones as well as bigger cargo tubes.