Lightwave shipyard was a space vessel construction company based on Mars. Even after the independence of Mars, the company was still allowed to operate within United Sol and elsewhere. They eventually relocated their HQ to Saturn due to the friction between Mars and United Sol.

The company had three ships under “Worker” designation and this class 2 was a frigate-size mining vessel meant for small companies or a group of wealthy miners.
Initially released in year 9229, it was priced at 14,000,000c with default options. This ship was first ever civilian-grade mining frigate released to the public.

With a crew capacity of 15, there were enough rooms for miners and their families if required. The ship also had an ability to refine ore it mined on the spot, making it ideal for deep, prolonged, space mining operations.

Because visual inspection was important for prospecting rocks visually before spending hours for deep analysis, its bridge was located outside of the ship, making it easy to take down the ship by striking the bridge. To counter this, a secondary bridge was located in the heart of the vessel. The secondary bridge featured only basic controls.

Additionally, two solid armor plating were install on its sides to prevent some of loose rocks from potentially hitting the bridge.

The ship itself had no direct way to mine. Instead, it had a large docking bay where it could dock up to four class 1 miners. Since class 1 miners weren’t capable of prolonged stay in deep space, the class 2 was required for miners to continue on.