Red plate shipyard was one of leading shipyards in Andromeda system. They were originally third party shuttle manufacturer aimed at civilians. Although almost exclusively shuttle manufacturer, the company had capacity to manufacture bigger things and released “Akabasa” freighter line in year 9333.

Akabasa class freighter was cheap and required virtually no maintenance. Reason being for no maintenance was that the ship was very low tech. Its bridge controls were rudimentary, featuring about only 10 buttons with a basic screen, one of which was a simple On/Off button for its engine. Another button was a communication switch. Four buttons were basic thruster controls. Rest of its buttons were speed controls for engine.

The ship was basically built around a cargo crate in hollow frames.
It had an underpowered iron engine that was commonly used in shuttles which made it an excruciatingly slow vessel. However, as stated, it was inexpensive and required virtually no maintenance which made this ship a popular choice for small time traders.

This ship was also used as a mobile home by some.
Red plate shipyard later released the ship’s blueprint as a royalty free item which exploded its popularity.