Akabasa 2 was released in 9341 by Red Plate Shipyard (RPS). As a bigger brother to the original Akabasa, RPS continued to apply their company mantra on this model as well.

The mantra was: Make it affordable, keep it low tech, and paint it red.

Akabasa 2 had exactly twice freight capacity compared to the original Akabasa.
This freighter was still considered a small freighter and solo merchants often purchased this as an upgrade to original Akabasa. RPS offered an exchange problem even.
And, although RPS did not recommend this ship for livestock transports, it was often used for livestock transports.

The cost of this freighter was 8,000,000c which was surreally cheap for its class. It is, however, important to note that the ship did not come with the cargo crate and the cargo crate itself cost 1,000,000c, making it on par with the Bau’s elephant freighter.

Nicknamed “Pooper”

Akabasa 2 had a notorious nickname of “Pooper”. It was due to 2 factors. One, because of RPS’ desire to keep the ship low tech, the ship did not recycle human waste and simply kept them in a separate tank outside above its internal cargo bay.

The other factor was, due to the nature of the ship, it was often run solo, meaning an easy target for pirates. When pirates shot them, it often shot the human waste tank sitting on top of the frieghter which, in turn, leaked frozen human waste out to space.
Hence, the nickname “Pooper”.

Meanwhile, the waste tank was ridiculously low tech and was very cheap to replace.