SSS Hippo was an inexpensive shuttle class space vessel. This craft was widely used for short interplanetary travels.
This space craft was relatively inexpensive and was even cheaper than SSS Morton (A luxury space car). The craft was priced at 300,000c with default options.

With an optimal capacity of 7 + 1 pilot, this was essentially a space bus. It featured a single steam shower system along with full hygiene options, making prolonged space-stay possible if absolutely necessary.

The pilot chair was positioned on front with passenger chairs attached on sides. Four front passenger seats had an access to the window of the shuttle.
A steam shower plus other facilities were located on the back.

To make it cheap though, sacrifices needed to be made.

It featured four underpowered omni-directional thrusters, lowering the vessel’s maneuverability significantly. There was no thruster on top and bottom, resulting further awkwardness of control.

The ship also featured an underpowered engine but this wasn’t much of an issue because the ship didn’t require fast acceleration.

The most common complaint about this space bus was its very rough landing shock due to not having any dedicated, shock-absorbing, landing legs. This was, however, to save costs, the company claimed.