SSS Robin was an all-purpose space vessel. Its class was a cross between a fighter craft and a frigate. With maximum crew capacity of 4, it featured full hygiene options, allowing comfortable prolonged stay in space.

The main distinct feature of this vessel was its large hardpoint on top, enabling this ship to be able to take various roles from being a miner to being a combat vessel. By default, the ship came with a high powered mining turret but it was relatively easy to swap out the turret. With WASP operating system’s combat capabilities, SSS Robin would instantly become a heavy fighter once its turret is swapped out.

While being a jack of all trades meant this vessel excelled in none, its versatility meant it’d cost very little to re-purpose the ship. Therefore, this ship was popular among pirates, civilians and also rental companies.

This ship was also commonly used by small-time mercenaries for escort tasks. Additionally, this ship was also used as a small-time mining vessel, competing with Lightwave Worker class 1 in some ways.

The basic cost of this vessel is 520,000c.

➤ Hardpoint options

As if expecting turret swap-out, SSS Robin featured over-engineered cooling systems. Plural because it featured two independent cooling systems.

One was a traditional liquid cooling system. Another was an ion particle based cooling system.
This ultimately meant that SSS Robin could have an over-sized turret installed and not overheat.
However, in reality, only liquid cooling system was used due to a fact that it’d cost nothing whereas an ion particle cooling system would require refueling.