SSS Vyn was SSS Robin’s big brother.

Released on year 9617, Vyn was a frigate class “fighter”. Its concept was similar to 3Ra Blackfly, except that Vyn was designed for combat outside of Nebula, thus it had shields.

Accounting leaks from SSS revealed that the company never made profit with sales of Vyn. However, it was believed that SSS was never concerned with making profits with the ship. Instead, it appeared that engineering teams at SSS treated Vyn as a sort of technological marvel. Indeed, Vyn was certainly way a head of its time. The frigate featured a fair amount of parts that were unique to the ship only, increasing its manufacturing cost unnecessarily.

The cost of this frigate was 33,000,000c. The default option came with the highest settings.

The frigate featured a single anti-frigate cannon along with two anti-fighter craft lasers. Compared to USF Stiletto’s 10 turrets, the firepower may seem weak. However, Stiletto’s turrets were all anti-fighter guns that were outdated with weak tracking against actual nimble targets. In fact, Vyn’s main anti-frigate cannon was as powerful as Stiletto’s 10 turrets combined. Vyn was also far more nimble and its slim profile ensured that the ship would be hard to be hit.

The ship was fully operational by a single person and its primary hatch was located on front which was unusual. Its bridge wasn’t exposed and sat in heart of the ship, making sure that the pilot would be the last one to go down. Its crew capacity was 10 maximum.