USF Courage was the main workhorse spaceship in Two Clusters between year 8537 to 9800. They were reliable, versatile, and tough in both armors and shields.

The initial codename of this cruiser was USF “Courage” and was introduced by USF navy in year 8537
The ship was also adapted by Andromeda union as well as Venus & Mars with slight modifications.

Therefore, this specific cruiser design was the most popular ship design found in Two Clusters. Even after new cruisers were developed, USF Courage was often used in conjunction with others until formation of U.E. and introduction of U.E. Osprey. Even then, USF Courage were still utilized to a degree. It was due to a fact that USF Courage was much easier to manufacture due to established manufacturing lines.

The basic design was derived from submarines which were used as makeshift spaceships during very early era of the space age in 27xx.
Its length is 180 meters with crew capacity of maximum 150 with 40 optional (windowed quarters). The ship, however, could be operated by a single person for a short journey as long as no maintenance was required. There was also a matter of fuel for ACM reactor which was human waste. With a single crew, fuel would also be in shortage.

USF Courage had the most firepower in fore arc. Rear arc had the least firepower.
Because the ship design was developed before Cezary’s shield technology was fully invented, it spotted heavy duty armors all around its hull. Even after full deployment of shields, the ship continued to spot heavy duty armors, which meant that the cruiser had double layers of armor plating.

United Sol in its declining days developed light cruiser (code name: the Mice) which was basically this cruiser without its armors.

The ship’s main engine was an ion thruster which was fueled by ACM reactor’s waste matter. Any excessive ion was expelled through a vent in rear in order to prevent potential explosions during battles.
The ship was clearly not capable of atmospheric flight but it was capable of flight under non- atmospheric space with low gravity such as 0.5 and below. It spotted two heavy duty landing pads for simply landing down on docking bays.

For spaceships, especially warships, windows were a major structural weakness especially during an era where shield technology wasn’t available. Therefore, windowed quarters were severely limited (40) on USF Courage.

Ship’s main bridge was deep within the ship’s hull which usually meant that main bridge would go down the last. This ensured ship’s control and survivability under heavy duress. Based on year 9599 inflation, manufacturing cost of this specific cruiser design cost 100 million credit, give or take 10 million depending on minor options.