Energy blades in Two Clusters were, when inactviated status, a dull metal object in shape of a sword or something similar. These blades were the de facto melee weapons in Two Clusters universe and were utilized by mostly hyper humans and trained guards.

The edge of energy blades were dull, meaning it was more of a blunt weapon by itself. However, there were plasma emitters on edge of blade which would coat edge of blade with high temperature plasma. The plasma would enable the blades to be able to cut flash as well as metal with ease and precision.

Energy blades were powered by batteries and must be recharged regularly. Military grade energy blades had an option to charge from blood plasma which was slow but a sure way to have it charged onfield.

The weight of energy blades varied greatly. Consumer blades weighted less than 20kg (44lb) while military grade could weight up to 100kg (220lb). In general, energy blades were exclusive to hyper humans due to its weight.

Custom blades could weight tons, depending on which alloy was used for its shell.

Shapes of energy blades came in various forms. The most common form was a sword shape but it could be anything from daggers to bastard swords.

Unique blades existed in Two Clusters.

One was the singing blade crafted by Cecil Klisis and used by Juun the White knight. It had a shape of a thin longsword.

The other was the hellfire blade crafted by Ssilen the Gypsy nad used by Eran Gro the Black knight. Its shape resembled that of a short sword.

The third one was the Moonlight blade crafted by Cecil. This blade had many owners until it fell to Yuudai's hands where it was lost for good upon her death.