Currency in Two Cluster was completely united under “Credit”. Credit was still often referred as money or even cash. Strictly plural form of “Credit” was not grammatically correct. However, a lot used plural form as in “credits”.

There was no physical money in Two Clusters. It was completely digital and one’s bank account was tied to one’s ID. There were still other ways to create more banks accounts but all bank account had to be tied with IDs or a corporation. Else, it was considered fraudulent accounts.

📜Cash cards

Cash cards were basically the only method where a transaction could not be traced. A cash card was basically a draft check. All banks accepted cash cards without questions. Therefore, cash cards were the de facto method of paying someone for shady deals.
A cash card came in various colors but the most common color was white with a spot to write down how much the card had. It was size of common credit cards in our time.

There were various handheld machines to verify how much a cash card actually had.
In order to prevent fraudulent cash cards, all cash cards were required to have its origin bank seal and a unique 50 digit number to go with both of which could be verified with ease. Banks kept no traceable information on the unique digits.

📜Fraudulent accounts

The definition of a frauds account was a bank account that wasn’t tied to an ID or a corporate account.
While illegal in United Sol and Andromeda union, fraud accounts were common in Freedom colony simply because not many residents on the colony had legal IDs. Although the colony produced its own ID to their own residents, they were not acknowledged in both United Sol and Andromeda union.
What that meant is that, if a local resident from Freedom colony was to use his ID to purchase goods in either nation, his transaction would be denied, and cash cards did not have an ability for online transactions.