Earth Archive

① Introduction

Earth archive was mankind’s primary means of storing data for record keeping. The archive was located on Earth and its datacenters were spread out throughout the planet for redundancy. The archive was established in United Sol President Gawain Klisis’ regime on year 7511 and was one of his great achievements. And the archive possessed digital records that went as early as 2900s.

② Security & redundancy

Security was taken very seriously with the records as Gawain did not want to see historical records to be tempered in any way. Therefore, any “locked” records were stored on a Read-Only-Memory (ROM) along with a cryptographic checksum.

Redundancy was also taken extremely seriously as complete loss of data meant complete loss of historical records. Therefore, copies of the archive data was spread to a total of 20 different locations with 3 locations being isolated as in being cut off from the Internet. For the three most secure locations, data was carried in physically in ROM format.

③ Political independence

Earth archive was an independent entity, meaning they weren’t under control of any political influence. Gawain was fully aware of the Bau’s tendency to meddle and created laws specific to the archive to remain completely independent. For Bau’s credit, they did fully agree that Earth archive was better left independent, and they never bothered with the archive. Instead, the Bau kept their own archive which held their history.


Records at Earth archive was accessible by anyone. Anyone, really anyone, had access to the records. Even a citizen from Andromeda union was able to access the records, meaning that the records from Earth archive were free to be copied and, once copied, it was easy to manipulate the records. Therefore, only Earth archive records with correct cryptographic checksums had the credibility.