Smoking in space

Smoking of any kind in space installation was absolutely forbidden. It was due to a fact that keeping air purified required a lot of energy and efforts.

Different installations had different rules however. Some loose, some very strict.

For an example, in Freedom colony, there was no fine for smoking. However, if one was caught for the third time, he would be shipped off the colony to elsewhere.

In United Sol navy, if someone was caught smoking in space, he was immediately discharged unless he wanted to go ahead with a trial.

There was generally no financial penalties involved. Smoking individuals were simply removed because air quality was taken very seriously in the world of Two Clusters.

Only luxury cruise lines offered dedicated quarters for smoking.

Such strict measures to control smoking ultimately meant people generally did not smoke to begin with. Even those who lived on planets may hesitate to get into smoking. It was simply seen as not worth the trouble.

Instead, there were various chems to get high. Low-dose Nicotine chems replaced general smoking for an example.