Don't know where to begin?

While ultimately it doesn't matter which arc you begin with, Cecil arc is recommended if you want my recommendation.

And then Masu arc + Shattered union arc. 

Feel free to visit the lore section as well which holds stories of its own.

[Rocksea arc] [1] [Duchess' boobs] [9613]

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Ehka had been a minor character that showed up in more than one story. Her first appearance is [Juron arc] [1] [The mad and the crazy] [9604]. Her career goes downhill afterwards. She also makes an appearance in [Ashuta arc] [5] [A date with the crazy] [9605]. You may notice a pattern here. And then her final appearance as a minor character is in [Milky way arc] [3] [Flawed system] [9613].

Now, she gets her own story as a main character. This is her reward, I suppose.

In order to fully understand what is going on, you need to read through a bunch of stories, especially the ones mentioned above.

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