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While ultimately it doesn't matter which arc you begin with, Cecil arc is recommended if you want my recommendation.

And then Masu arc + Shattered union arc. 

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Kain & Suu arc (16)

This arc is regarding two characters of opposite briefs: Kain & Suu.

This arc is closely related with Shattered union arc and Juron arc.

This arc is completed.

[Kain and Suu arc] [1] [Kain and Suu] [9610]

Kain and Suu arc is one of my favorite arcs. I have several reasons for this but one of major factors is that this arc is about ordinary people instead of ESPs and whatnot.

Kain is just a guy who’s trying to get through his money issues. Suu, she has something to prove to the world. These two people have near opposite outlooks in life.

I’d like to mention that the year is fairly important in all of my stories. The year sets the background.

[Kain and Suu arc] [2] [Cadet Kain] [9611]

The second story in this arc. Watch Kain grow and have troubles with Suu.

[Kain and Suu arc] [3] [Stuck with you] [9611]

[Kain and Suu arc] [4] [Rise] [9614]

[Kain and Suu arc] [5] [He who stands alone] [9616]

Kain may stand alone but he is with good women.

[Kain and Suu arc] [6] [Admiral Kain] [9633]

[Kain and Suu arc] [7] [Valid concern] [9636]

This short story shows you how Kain is doing after the battle. There is nothing else to it. Obviously, you should read the previous 6 stories in the arc to make a sense of this story.

[Kain and Suu arc] [8] [Miss Jupiter] [9643]

[Kain and Suu arc] [9] [The mothership] [9646]

This arc pretty much runs parallel with Shattered union arc. Therefore, keeping up with Shattered union arc is important up to 9th story.

[Kain and Suu arc] [10] [Reality check] [9648]

[Kain and Suu arc] [11] [NPNG] [9637]

NPNG stands for No Pain No Gain.


[Kain and Suu arc] [12] [Chaos theroy] [9650]

It's rare to see Suu acting on her own.

[Kain and Suu arc] [13] [3rd invasion] [9652]

Sometimes, a story takes years to complete even if it turns out to be a short one. And, sometimes, a story can be completed within a month. This story is such a case where it is completed within a month.


The 3rd invasion by Juron. The foreshadoing is there. Kain is exhausting his options. Not that he had many to begin with, but he is running out.

Parallel story is [Juron arc] [7] [3rd invasion] [9652].

[Kain and Suu arc] [14] [Calling] [9654]

History repeats always which is testament to a fact that the core of mankind doesn't evolve; it's only select few who evolve and, well, die.

[Kain and Suu arc] [15] [Relationships] [9654]

This is, bluntly put, a filler story.

[Kain and Suu arc] [16] [Bright Red] [9662]

This is the last story of this arc.

This specific story does not fully cover the whole event. To see serveral missing pieces, you need to read [Juron arc] [8] [Bright Red] [9662].