Don't know where to begin?

While ultimately it doesn't matter which arc you begin with, Cecil arc is recommended if you want my recommendation.

And then Masu arc + Shattered union arc. 

Feel free to visit the lore section as well which holds stories of its own.

Hammers arc (16)

"The Hammers" is a group of people handpicked by Cecil.

This is their stories.

[The Hammers arc] [1] [The ENN incident] [9600]

The Hammers’ arc deals with stories of those who were handpicked by Cecil, well mostly. But there are other people involved in this arc as well. The stories in this arc are often independent to each other.

[The Hammers arc] [2] [Everything101] [9600]

This story is not “politically correct”.

[The Hammers arc] [3] [Kisia] [9600]

[The Hammers arc] [4] [Kasper] [9604]

[The Hammers arc] [5] [Edith] [9607]

[The Hammers arc] [6] [Asylum] [9613]

[The Hammers arc] [7] [Maeve] [9613]

[The Hammers arc] [8] [Vakha's past] [9298]

This story is about how Vakha ended up being a member of Hammers.

Gore warning.

[The Hammers arc] [9] [Interview] [9616]

An interview with Cecil and that’s a rare thing.

[The Hammers arc] [10] [Love for love, love for friendship][9665]

A short side story, also an afterward story, of "Fall of the O’ren". Thus, it is required for readers to have read the original story in order to understand flow of this side story.

[The Hammers arc] [11] [Farewell] [9873]

Farewell, my children.

[The Hammers arc] [12] [120m Express] [9640]

This story is what I’d call a background building story. Tiaver, the main character of this story is not a significant character. He will show up randomly in stories, though.

[The Hammers arc] [13] [Arbitrary] [9642]

[The Hammers arc] [14] [Marriage] [9671]

This episode is where Gair and Nikki gets married. In a sense, this is very much the last story of the Hammers.

You should know Admiral Jack’s fate from [Shattered union arc] [1] [Revolts] [9599] before reading this.

For Gair’s own past, refer to [Cecil arc] [6] [Project Marat] [8961].

[The Hammers arc] [15] [Magenta] [9671]

It is very likely that this is going to be Magenta’s last major appearance in the story. She could still show up as a minor character later on.

P.S. This story was written in two hours after I had a dream about this.

[The Hammers arc] [16] [Back to the fold] [9888]

Magenta is back. I know I’ve stated that she may no longer make an appearance but I’ve had a change of heart.