Don't know where to begin?

While ultimately it doesn't matter which arc you begin with, Cecil arc is recommended if you want my recommendation.

And then Masu arc + Shattered union arc. 

Feel free to visit the lore section as well which holds stories of its own.

Repairman arc (4)

Stories about repairmen in various time and places.

There is no main character in this arc. Each story is isolated from another.

[Repairman arc] [1] [9599]

Stories in Repairman arc are independent to each other. Therefore, it does not matter which order you read the stories. The repairman arc is also standalone unlike some arcs where you are asked to read other stories.

[Repairman arc] [2] [9603]

Before you read this, I want you to know that my stories are divided into arcs. The arcs all occur in the same universe I’ve set. I’ve created extensive amount of lore files in order to create the world for the characters to live in.

My story titles are divided into 4 sections.

[Arc name] [Chapter] [Story title] [Year it started]

Repairman arc is an exception where it has no story title and chapters in this arc is standalone and has nothing to do with each other. The year part is sometimes very important because the year is what determines which news topic characters may converse about.

[Repairman arc] [3] [9611]

This story is about a repairman on Mars.

[Repairman arc] [4] [9601]

While standalone in repairman arc, this background of this specific story is based on a small minor event on [Ashuta arc] [4] [Fresh start] [9600].