🦉Cecil arc

Cecil Cecil is the arch character of Two Clusters, appearing in all generations either directly or indirectly under different names and shapes.
In a sense, he is a God. At the same time, he is not.

These stories were written a long time ago, in 1980 ~ 1990s. I've since rewrote all of them at least once at some point. But I am not a professional author.

[Cecil arc] [1] [Cecilia] [3022].pdf

[Cecil arc] [2] [Swordsmanship] [8477].pdf

[Cecil arc] [3] [To Venus] [8631].pdf

[Cecil arc] [4] [Mirren] [8811].pdf

[Cecil arc] [5] [Fall of the Klisis] [8825].pdf

[Cecil arc] [6] [Project Marat] [8961].pdf

[Cecil arc] [7] [Fall of the Oren] [9665].pdf