🌼Masu arc

Masu This is Masu's story from his early days to his passing.

His stories are generally bitter sweet simply because he is too good of a guy to perform harsh deeds. When he toughens up though, he does do things the quicker way.
He is Cecil's close friend and his stories are closely tied to Cecil arc.

[Masu arc] [1] [Dandelion] [8618].pdf

[Masu arc] [2] [Masu the sage] [8631].pdf

[Masu arc] [3] [3Ra Syndicate] [8625].pdf

[Masu arc] [4] [Remorse] [8739].pdf

[Masu arc] [5] [Storm] [8921].pdf

[Masu arc] [6] [The Dietrich] [9012].pdf

[Masu arc] [7] [Wrong legacy] [9599].pdf

[Masu arc] [8] [Dr Anna] [9611].pdf

[Masu arc] [9] [Demise of a servant] [9649].pdf