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Plot synopsis

Set in year 9791, Nicholas is a mercenary who works for an agency called "The faceless".

One day, he takes on a job. It is a simple job on surface; he is to find a lost girl. However, that simple job drags him into troubles that he never expects to have.


  1. A unique sci fi setting which is my own world that I've been working on for decades.
  2. A mature plot with sexual content.
  3. Possible to pursue your romantic interest to all the way.


ScreenShot_2021_0702_20_38_20 ScreenShot_2021_0702_20_38_40 ScreenShot_2021_0702_20_38_47


This is an adult interactive visual novel style game. It will have combat and inventory system. There will be nudity and gore. There will not be full sexual intercourse scenes where you can interact although there will be some instances where Nick will have sex.

2021, May 18: Only core concept of this game exists. I haven't even begun working on it. As this is a part of Two Clusters novel, I actually need to write the story first before actually working on the game.

2021, May 22: I've started wirting the story, and the game engine will be Wolf RPG engine. However, I will need to heavily tweak it for this game. A crucial functionality needs to be jury-rigged into the engine before I can use it.

2021, June 16: The game goes into a development in my spare time.

2021, July 9: A playable version is made although not released to public. Version 0.0.1 is released on this day.