Plot synopsis

Set in year 9791, Nicholas is a mercenary who works for an agency called "The faceless".

One day, he takes on a job. It is a simple job on surface; he is to find a lost girl. However, that simple job drags him into troubles that he never expects to have.


  1. A unique sci fi setting which is my own world that I've been working on for decades.
  2. A mature plot with sexual content. While not a porn game, it certainly has elements of it.
  3. Possible to pursue your romantic interest to all the way.


ScreenShot_2021_0702_20_38_20 ScreenShot_2021_0702_20_38_40 ScreenShot_2021_0702_20_38_47


2021, May 18: Only core concept of this game exists. I haven't even begun working on it. As this is a part of Two Clusters novel, I actually need to write the story first before actually working on the game.

2021, May 22: I've started wirting the story, and the game engine will be Wolf RPG engine. However, I will need to heavily tweak it for this game. A crucial functionality needs to be jury-rigged into the engine before I can use it.

2021, June 16: The game goes into a development in my spare time.

2021, July 9: A playable version is made although not released to public. Version 0.0.1 is released on this day.

2021, September 1: Steam game page released with 0.1.0 scheduled to be released on 15th of the same month. This event includes any updates on this history section.