Please note that the lore files are SPOILER HEAVY.

Lightwave shipyard

Feb 11, 2018 14

Lightwave shipyard was a space vessel construction company based on Mars long before Mars…

Core corporation

Mar 13, 2017 557

Core Corporation was a private company specialized in computer operating systems.


Andromeda union

Dec 30, 2016 872

Andromeda union was an indepedent sovereignty based on Andromeda cluster. Year 9098 was…

Enegy blades

Dec 15, 2016 867

Energy blades in Two Clusters were, when inactviated status, a dull metal object in…

Saturn (Rev 1)

Dec 07, 2016 743


Planet Saturn was originally classified as a gas planet. Therefore, it…

Mars (Rev 1)

Dec 04, 2016 875

1. Terraforming

Mars terraforming project was launched on the very same year, actually…

Earth (Rev 2)

Dec 01, 2016 730

Two Clusters: Earth
Rev 2

1. In General

Earth in Two Clusters is considered "home to all…

Venus (Rev 3)

Nov 30, 2016 781

→ Introduction
Those who lived on Venus often say that Earth has been violated too much…

AN Liberator

Jul 02, 2016 888

AN Liberator was Andromeda union’s own cruiser developed in house. The ship was, for…

Hyper Humans

Jun 24, 2016 864

Hyper humans (Slang: hman) are physically enhanced by nature. Like ESPs, no genetic…

A.C.M. (Silvery oil)

Jun 23, 2016 850

Abnormal Chemical Material or more commonly referred as A.C.M. is a material that was…

Mammoth freighter

Jun 23, 2016 917

The Mammoth freighter is the largest spaceship known to men in Two Clusters. Only…

Space attire

Jun 21, 2016 956

Those who spend most of their lives in zero and low gravity in Two Clusters, attire can…

Calendars in Two Clusters

Jun 16, 2016 843

Three kind of calendars are used in Two Clusters.

Those who live in “inner Sol”, meaning…

SSS (Super Star Shipyard) Slate Rev 1

Jun 08, 2016 900

SSS Slate is Super Star Shipyard’s main freight space vessel. It is also one of the…

SSS (Super Star Shipyard) Moton

May 31, 2016 961

SSS Moton is an entry level vehicle to luxury civilian grade cars. While SSS classifies…

Cars in Two Clusters

May 31, 2016 905

Strictly speaking, cars as we know do not exist in Two Clusters. No vehicle in the novel…

Uranus Outpost

May 09, 2016 976

Uranus outpost started off as a science outpost at the planet Uranus. It soon developed…

Akabasa class freighter

Apr 24, 2016 927

Red plate shipyard was one of leading shipyards in Andromeda system. They were…

Red Plate Shipyard

Apr 24, 2016 1090

Red Plate shipyard was a private shuttle company based in exclusively in Andromeda…

Clan structure

Apr 24, 2016 963

Clans in Two Clusters
A clan is a group of people with biological connections. To put it…

USF Wasp

Apr 24, 2016 908

United Sol never truly invested much into fighter crafts. They referred ship to ship…

VN Cecilia

Apr 24, 2016 888

Venus government, after breaking away from United Solar system federation in year 9599,…

United Solar System Federation (United Sol)

Apr 20, 2016 974

United Solar system Federation or far more commonly referred as simply United Sol was a…

Super Star Shipyard (SSS)

Apr 20, 2016 907

Super Star Shipyard was more known as abbreviated “SSS”.
SSS was based in Sol system and…

The Nebula Pirates

Apr 20, 2016 935

The Nebula
During space exploration era under President Gawain Klisis, a large nebula was…

The Vues

Apr 20, 2016 930

The origin
According to Earth archive, the Vues were formed by a group of Dutch…

The O'ren

Apr 20, 2016 914

The origin
The origin of the O’ren started from Niem O’ren and Kelly Pearson. Niem himself…

The Gro

Apr 20, 2016 915

The origin
Earth archive did not hold creditable, certified, records of the origin of this…

The Dietrich

Apr 20, 2016 873

The origin
According to Earth archive, the Dietrich clan began from the mining town of…

The Maeka

Apr 20, 2016 889

The origin
The Maeka clan was a Japanese-descendant clan. When Saturn colonization began…


Apr 20, 2016 862

Currency in Two Cluster was completely united under “Credit”. Credit was still often…

IMG (Imagination entertainment)

Apr 20, 2016 873

Imagination entertainment was often abbreviated as Imagination or even more often as IMG.


Apr 20, 2016 879

For your information of how long light takes to reach each of planets in Sol from Sun.

Aging (Rev 1.2)

Apr 20, 2016 849

In Two Clusters, death was often a choice rather than inevitability.
That was primarily…

Earth archive

Apr 19, 2016 850

① Introduction
Earth archive was mankind’s primary means of storing data for record…

True Equality Act of 3022

Apr 19, 2016 852

True Equality Act or sometimes referred as the Last Equality Act (because it was the last…


Apr 19, 2016 865

Brief info about ESP Ranks
ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. Cause of gaining ESP…

The Klisis

Apr 19, 2016 862

? The origin
The founder of the clan was a German-British man in Manchester whose three…

The Bau

Apr 19, 2016 814

? The Origin and beginning
According to Earth archive, the founder of the Bau was a rich…

Venus News Network (VNN)

Apr 19, 2016 807

VNN was the only news network on Venus.
It is important to note that VNN never had any…

USF Courage (Rev 4)

Apr 19, 2016 837

USF cruiser was the main workhorse spaceship in Two Clusters between year 8537 to 9800.…

Liberty captain (Rev 2)

Apr 18, 2016 810

Liberty captains were basically freelancer captains. However, a license was required to…

The Ark (Rev1.1)

Apr 18, 2016 829

The name is originated from Noah’s Ark.
United Sol federation president Gawain…