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Those who lived on Venus often say that Earth has been violated too much that it is no longer "Mother Earth" but "Whore Earth".
The population of Venus was 6 billion (based on year 9599), and the capital city is Fallen Crater.

History of Venus wasn't pretty in the beginning. When attempting to colonize the planet in year 2799, the expedition team failed, crashing into a heavily corroded crater in which they were able to establish an underground base. The base became the foundation of Venus colonization. Full terraforming was achieved much later with invention of biologically engineered moss named Vie.

Venus is the second planet in Solar system and the wealthiest planet of all clusters. Under Cecil’s dictatorship, the planet prospered largely thanks to Cecil’s brilliance in leadership and politics (or lack of).
However, the planet wasn’t without its ups and downs. And Cecil’s unpredictability as well as brutality caused a fair amount of controversial events.
Prior Cecil’s takeover, the planet was the home planet to the O’ren, also the second powerful clan in clusters.
A story, [Legends arc] [Venus] [2799], explains how the O’ren settled down on the planet.

Venus was largely known for its purple color from space and its gigantic metropolis city “Fallen Crater” where billions inhabited without any sort of traffic issues.

① Prior Cecil’s takeover
Prior Cecil’s takeover, Venus was dominated completely by the O’ren. Their dominance started from year 3000s and until year 9599, their dominance was never questions or even challenged.
Although the clan originally resided in Fall Crater, they eventually sought out a more seclusive location for their HQ.

② Cecil’s takeover
It was year 9599 when President Mirren was assassinated and Cecil declared to resign. Where he ended up was Venus and took the planet over from Illy O’ren who was incumbent at that time.
Merely days after he took over, he declared his dictatorship and dissolved Venus parliament. He had the O’ren support at that time. And therefore, the transition was smooth politically. However, Venusians were deeply discontent with the dictatorship and its subsequent demolition of many rights of freedom which caused many waves of controversial events.
In the history of Two Clusters, no one proved to be more controversial than him. It is evident by one of his favorite phrases, “Always kill women and children first.”

③ After Cecil’s takeover
Cecil was able to implement a lot of ideas that would never be accepted under democracy. With him and his elite group, AKA the Hammers, he had reconstructed the planet and made it a powerhouse which even United Sol couldn’t even rival.
And over years, Venusians accepted Cecil’s ways which brought them prosperity.

It’s hard not to ignore controversial events and changes that surrounded him. Therefore, below is a rough list.

Throughout the history of mankind, no highly developed civilization employed such a tactic as assassinating its own citizens. And Venus government assassinated a lot of them. The main victims of assassinations came from those who could not accept the idea of suppressing their opinions. In other words, those who protested were simply “killed off” in public or at home with snipers.
In addition, criminals were often simply killed while jailed or imprisoned. Legally, they were waiting for their trials but never managed to enter their trials because they ended up dead, especially software & net related crimes were dealt harshly with “Kill-on-spot” allowed.

Controversial changes
Cecil implemented a lot of controversial changes to existing Venus laws.
Some of more notable changes were…
1. Dismissal of charity foundations: Cecil declared that all charity foundations were “scams”. And forcefully dissolved all existing charity foundations. Those who attempted to use Supreme Court to counter his order were assassinated.
2. Health care reforms: Prior to Cecil’s take over, Venus implemented completely free health care. However, after Cecil’s take over, the system changed dramatically. Health care itself remained free and largely unchanged but exceptions were added. Most noticeable exception was that those who suffered health issues from smoking and drugs were not covered and the hospitals had rights to refuse such patients. If such patients filed law suits, they were killed (assassinated).
If a hospital would accept such patients, they would be the ones paying the bill.
3. No freedom of speech: Cecil claimed that all Venusians had their freedom to speak their opinions. Therefore, he claimed that Venusians had freedom of speech. However, he added that there would be a reaction when there was an action, and that the reaction would be “assassination”, which ultimately meant that there was no more freedom of speech despite of Cecil’s insistence that freedom of speech existed.

④ After Cecil’s regime
For the record, Cecil never publically resigned. However, he had seemingly disappeared after year 9800. And his stepson, Gair Klisis, had seemingly taken over his duties completely. The public never found out what happened to him, nor did Venus government make any statement regarding Cecil’s presence. However, it was assumed that Cecil had passed away since his age was well over a thousand. Whether he truly passed remained one of the greatest mysteries. There would be rumors about his appearance throughout the clusters for many generations since this point.
After Cecil’s disappearance, Venus government had to make compromises in order to keep their regime intact, and the government progressively turned into pseudo democracy. Gair’s children continued to rule, and children of the Hammers continued to support the regime.

⑤Venus governing structure
Venus was, for the most parts, a dictatorship. The dictator, Cecil Klisis, had sole powers to change anything. Still, majority of time, Cecil had done nothing but lurking in his library after feedback from initial Venus takeover was over. The vice president (Although "president" wasn't really a correct word) was Gair who was the decision maker most of times. However, during wars, Cecil Klisis had been always the decision maker.

Venus government was consisted of "Divisions".

1. Imperial Division
2. Cosmetic Division
3. Civilization Division
4. Military Division
5. Tax Division

Cecil Klisis was the "imperial master" of Venus Imperial division. Its purpose was to serve Cecil, and it was literally a military division. This division was responsible for most of "mysterious disappearances" AKA assassinations of people.

Ksa was the leader of Venus Cosmetic Division. However, she preferred being a chief of R&D division which was a part of the Cosmetic division. This division handled "cosmetic"-related matters, such as environment control, some part of city planning as well as garbage disposal methods.

Civilization Division was run by Gair, the vice president. This division was the one in power (Besides the Imperial division of course). The purpose of this division was to watch over other divisions. Fallen Crater city mayor, Dante, belonged to this division as well. Scheer O'ren, the mayor of Musik, was also a part of this division.

Military division was just that, military. Nikki Sweetheart was the leader of this division. Venus outpost was under this division's control as well as fleets. Brellia and Hagel (Devon's daughters) belonged to this division. General Vakha also belonged to this division.

Tax Division collected taxes. That wasn't their only task however. This so-called "Tax" division also handled some of assassination tasks. Tuhina was in charge of this division along with Karl and Devon.

⑥ The famous (also infamous by some) two-hour delivery service
There was an express postal service which was a part of "Venus Cosmetic Division".
This express postal division was originally created by Tiaver (After he jokingly submitted the idea to Venus Cosmetic Division). This postal service was an extremely fast, perhaps the swiftest, package delivery company in history. This company guaranteed any package delivery within two hours as long as deliveries were within boundary of Venus. "Boundary" was stated because this company delivered even to Venus outpost, of course within two hours.
This company was also responsible for few massive traffic accidents.

⑦ Transportation
Venus' public transportation was known to be the most advanced and extensive. They had to develop such a system because they had to sort out billions people within a short period of time and a relative small place for population density. (Fallen Crater)

Venus' public transportation system was divided into three segments: aerial, ground, and underground.

On ground level, only personal cars and commercial cabs were allowed to be driven. There was no public transportation on ground level. There was also a special place for driving. It was called "Speed track" where one was allowed to speed legally. "Speed track" was similar to F1 racing tracks. People paid and signed a document stating that a company that was managing the track would not be responsible for his may-be-accident and even death. The speed track was extremely popular among males.

On aerial level, public transports were used as well as delivery aerial vehicles. Public transportation on aerial level was much more luxurious than it was on underground level, and it was often used for tourism. Public shuttle service was also available to reach Venus outpost.

On underground level, subway existed for public transportation. Venus also featured a unique system called "Walker's road". It was complex tunnels designed for walking and jogging. The tunnels featured holographic walls which featured a variety of environments. Finally, there were freight rails for industrial needs.

Overall, Venus suffered no traffic bottleneck issues.

⑧ Environment
Surface of Venus is rugged with a lot of steep cliffs. Such cliffs tend to have running water at its bottom. The rugged surface is a direct result of terraforming where rain washed / eroded away softer materials on surface.
The planet has no sea and no lake at all but there are millions of underground water caves along with equivalent amount of small streams at bottom of narrow cliffs.
Such alien environment went unnoticed until Cecil took over the planet; he encouraged people to go on adventure on Venus surface which created new businesses and tourism. This is actually covered in [The Hammers arc] [5] [Edith] [9607].

The planet has a purple hue when viewed from outer space with dense clouds gathered at North pole. It is deemed to dangerous to reach North pole from ground level.
Almost all (99.99999%) planet population reside in Fallen Crater. It is a city that has size of a nation. (Equivalent size of Germany)

Venus had no trees except in cities. Rest of planet was covered by artificial mosses called "Vie". Vie was pain purple during day and glowed at night. This biologically engineered mosses were capable of replacing trees and provided Venus with oxygen.
⑨ Climate
Venus government has the ability to control its atmosphere and keeps the climate at a stable degree of 21 Celsius all year around. Thus, the planet has no distinguishable seasons although the temperature does fluctuate by 20% here and there.
Fallen Crater receives a lot of rain with rainy days being 50% out of 365 days.

⑩ Wild life
Venus has no wild animals or insects. But there are fresh water fishes in water streams between cliffs.

⑪ Destruction
Venus was destroyed by the aliens in 12328.