Planet Saturn was originally classified as a gas planet. Therefore, it was deemed not colonizable at first.
However, further thorough on site research revealed that the planet's core was about the same size of Earth with acceptable gravity of 0.8. If gas and liquid were removed, the core could be classified as a barren planet and, therefore, colonizable.

Due to the desire of wanting to colonize as many planets as possible within Sol system, a large colonization project was planned and conducted.

The first phase involved harvesting or taking gas away from atmosphere. The gas was used either for industrial needs or was dumped at Sun to prolong its lifespan.

Once Saturn's core was revealed, the second phase began which was performing further research on the planet surface before giving final go-ahead.

The core was revealed to have 0.8 gravity and was about the same size of Earth. The core was reclassified as a barren planet and colonization began. Due to loss of its gas, the planet would look tiny in comparison to its ring.

As a former gas planet, Saturn had potential for a thick atmosphere which was refilled with breathable air for humans. However, due to the distance from Sun, the temperature was not ideal at -40 Celsius. Few domes were built to control temperature and colonization was completed.

2.Climate, population, and influence

Strictly speaking, a human would be able to survive on sunny side of Saturn surface for perhaps half an hour max. Saturn's climate was -40 Celsius on sunny side and -250 Celcius on dark side.

Therefore, domes were created to keep internal temperature at 15 Celsius.

Saturn's population stood at 800 millions as of year 9599 which was shy more than Mars' population. Unlike Mars, however, Saturn had virtually no cultural and political influrance due to not having a dominant clan and natural resources.

As of year 9599, Saturn maintained four domes. The largest dome was called "Mist" and was the capital of the planet.

3.Gaer and the Maeka

Gaer was the longest serving administrator, and later President, of the planet. He ruled the planet for his entire lifespan once took his seat. He married into the Maeka clan, becoming one of few outsiders who became a clan headman in such a way.

He was famed for being resilient during his regime. He survived through Gvew's United Sol and resisted being replaced by Fraser's United Sol and then survived Emuel's hostile takeover once United Sol fell.

His resilience and success at keeping Saturn indepedent all along made him a revered figure among Saturnians. And his success and fame also benefited the Maeka greatly, enabling the clan to be able to appoint furture successors from the clan without much discontent from local populace.