SSS Slate is Super Star Shipyard’s main freight space vessel. It is also one of the largest ships by size as well as volume in Two Clusters.

The only larger freight vessel is the retired freight Mammoth model.


The name “Slate” comes from its appearance and design where it appears as if three layers are stacked together to form the ship. The Slate is about 50 times bigger than USF Courage.


This freight vessel is primarily used to transport massive amount of essential goods to established civilizations at once and is always escorted by sufficient guards, and therefore, SSS Slate is never pirated upon. In fact, official records indicate absolutely no case of SSS Slate being attacked by pirates.


The ship is not high tech by functions but its sheer size means it requires astronomical amount of materials to manufacture.

Less than 100 Slates are officially registered.

According to SSS, it costs them 740,000,000c to produce a Slate, and its production time is 4 years.