The Maeka

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The origin
The Maeka clan was a Japanese-descendant clan. When Saturn colonization began on year 5100, the original Maeda clan on Earth was split between those who wanted to explore the new frontier and those who wanted to stay put.
Those who wanted to reach Saturn had to leave their clan and formed a new one on Saturn, and they altered their last name to Maeka as a result.

Maeka family crest
The Maeka shared a very similar family crest as their original Maeda clan. They originally had the exactly same crest but the Maeda clan filed a lawsuit which forced them to alter their family crest a little.
However, as the original Maeda clan became defunct due to the Bau, they reverted back to their original family crest and modified a little by adding the map of Japan as well as kanji of their last name.
The last kanji of their modified last name “ka” meant “change”.

Mistresses accepted
The marriage laws of United Sol did not have entries regarding polygamy (1 husband & 2+ wives) or polyandry (1 wife & 2+ husbands). Therefore, a criminal charge of Bigamy did not exist in United Sol.
In truth, United Sol relied on internal clan laws for marriage. For those who did not belong to a clan, monogamy (Single husband and single wife) was in place for mortal values although it did not prevent some powerful / rich men from having mistresses. But such acts were frowned upon.
For the Maeka, females were educated of a possibility that their future husband might have up to two mistresses. Mistresses weren’t defined as extra wives. Rather, they expected powerful men to have more than one female to entertain himself.
However, it wasn’t common for a Maeka man to have mistresses. In fact, in Two Clusters, no native Maeka man had mistresses. Still the clan did allow legal mistresses regardless.

Engineers and clan size
The Maeka clan members prided themselves to be fine engineers. The clan had many engineers in numerous different fields but becoming spaceship engineer was their goal. Becoming a chief engineer was many aspiring engineer’s dream.
Therefore, they weren’t pleased with the release of a light cruiser codenamed “The Mice” because the light cruiser sacrificed crew safety to save costs. When spaceship was damaged in battles, engineers were generally the first ones to experience explosions, and the way the Mice was engineered, crews had little chance of survival if things would go south.
Accidental injuries and death had been what kept the clan from becoming bigger in numbers. The clan was only few thousands in size which was very small for an established clan.

? Influence
The Maeka members were predominantly found on Saturn. They had absolutely no influence in Inner Sol (Earth, Moon, Mars, and Venus). Their influence outside of Saturn was very weak as well.

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