The Dietrich

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The origin
According to Earth archive, the Dietrich clan began from the mining town of Freiberg in Germany. The clan is, therefore, German descendant.
The clan was a rich mining corporation that had clear conflicts with the Bau from the start. The Bau eventually drove them out of Earth in sometime around year 3500. Since this point, the Dietrich loathed the Bau.
Where the Dietrich ended up was Mars which turned out to be their heaven literally due to the planet being pretty much full of minable resources but certainly not without heavy prices.

Coat of arms
The Dietrich coat of arms borrowed elements from the German as well as Holy Roman Empire coat of arms, clearing indicating that their root is German.

The miner’s guild and re-establishing on Mars
Before the clan was kicked out of Earth, the Dietrich maintained a global miner’s guild on Earth. It was basically a miner labor union.
When the clan settled down on Mars, so did the guild. According to Earth archive, the number was 170.000 people with roughly 50.000 being the Dietrich.
At that time, Mars colonization wasn’t fully completed and the small community on Mars was not ready at all to take in such a large quantity of immigrants.
Shortage of dairy products and extremely harsh conditions on Mars meant over half of immigrants failed to survive their first year on the planet. Their sorrow and hatred were directed at the Bau for forcing them out.
Being good engineers themselves, they managed to improve their new settlements but it took decades, and by time the Dietrich could let out a breath of relief, the clan insiders were down to mere few thousands. The clan never recovered from this while the miner’s guild started to blossom as miners in Sol system started to flock to Mars.

Kamtaka, the capital of Mars
Kamtaka is the capital of Mars and is the home city of the Dietrich. “Kamtaka” wasn’t their ancient German language but rather a simple word that they came up while surviving through the hell on Mars.
The previous name or rather code name for the settlement was Mars colony Gamma.
Kamtaka, the city, was built completely by the Dietrich. The clan engineered the blueprint and the clan spent their own labor forces to construct a massive underground city. The amount of blood the clan shed for the planet meant that no one could dispute when the Dietrich claimed Mars was theirs.
The city was also build with gorilla warfare in mind in case of Bau invasion.

Clan decline
Ever since the clan’s number shrank deeply, they could never recover. To make their situation worse, the Dietrich had always insisted on natural fertilization and refused to use medical technologies when insiders were found infertile. The clan had a high number of infertile members due to the harsh environment of Mars which included intensive UV light exposure from Sun as well as other harmful elements from unknown materials on Mars.
By year 9599, there was only a single member left for the clan who was Kan Dietrich.
Despite of the obvious decline for the clan members, the Dietrich wasn’t just about the clan. The clan included the Miner’s Guild, and over 80% of Mars population belonged to this guild.
Therefore, even though internal clan situation looked grim, the Dietrich itself moved on and prospered. And when the last member of the clan passed away, the spirit of the clan moved on with the Gro who took over.

The wealthiest clan
The Dietrich was the richest clan in clusters. They had well over 200 billion in cash and were able to source up to 5 trillion in emergency. Their ability to do this was based on their collateral which was Mars itself and their ability to mine and export materials including A.C.M.
Furthermore, the Dietrich, at the same time Mars government, never went red. They always had surplus every year and such surplus accumulated to their overall wealth.
Therefore, money was never an issue for the clan which also meant that Mars government never had credit issues.

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