The Vues

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The origin
According to Earth archive, the Vues were formed by a group of Dutch descendants who grew too discontent with the Bau’s discriminations and suppression. They did not leave Earth but was about to be forced out of their home planet.
Their answer to fight back was forming the Vues and becoming a vassalized clan of the Bau. The archive record states that the formation of the Vues was year 5666.
The Vues’ original land was a small manor in outskirt of Amsterdam and the archive states that the initial number of the clan founders was two hundred fifty one.

On the move with nature
The Bau certainly did not like how the Vues was formed because it was their way of fighting from being migrated. The Vues succeeded in preventing themselves from being migrated out of Earth but they were relocated numerous times before finally being forced to settle down on Iceland before they joined the Klisis to head off to Venus.
Meanwhile, the Vues earned a nickname of “Tree huggers” due to their unique architectural designs that involved living trees and its roots. They were known to build structures with living trees and using its roots as walls, chairs, and stools. They also had a strong tendency to build their strongholds underground by utilizing trees.
Thus, when they were forced to relocate to Iceland, they built a large greenhouse to house non-native trees.

To Venus and golden era
The Vues felt deeply, deeply, indebted to the Klisis for being able to move off Earth. Yes, the clan started by wanting to stay on Earth but they were tired of being treated like garbage by the Bau for too many generations.
Therefore, in the clan, Cecil was a revered figure. In fact, they felt so indebted that the clan never stood against the Klisis and they did partake the war between the O’ren and Venus government by fielding their strongest army to aid the Klisis.
Their golden era started when Venus went under Cecil’s control because the new government ran by the Hammers actively employed people from the Vues while silently weeding out the O’ren personnel. Martin Vues, a son of Hal Vues, in particular was given a prominent role. And in later years, his marriage to Ksa meant that the Vues stood ever strong.

Clan emblem
The clan emblem was a living tree with a single eye. They favored trees and their architectural designs showed so.

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