The Nebula Pirates

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The Nebula
During space exploration era under President Gawain Klisis, a large nebula was found that sat between Sol system and Andromeda cluster. While this was when the nebula was found officially, existence of the nebula was known as early as A.D. 4000. They just did not know how big it was until the exploration era.
To be more precise, only a tip of the Nebula exists between the neutral zone between Sol cluster and Andromeda cluster.
Initial attempts to explore the nebula ended in failure as ordinary sensors became nullified in gas cloud. In addition, gas cloud and constant chemical reactions proved to be fetal for ship’s shield and armor.
For many thousands years, the Nebula was the unknown.

The Ra
The Ra clan was the Bau’s rival clan. They failed to fight against the Bau and eventually exterminated by the Bau on year 4198.
Only three Ra insiders managed to break through and left Sol system. Their intention was to die in space rather than captured and tortured to death by the Bau. They were in a freighter and simply drifted in space with no destination.
At one point, they entered the nebula gas cloud. They intended it to be their graveyard. During their time, the nebula wasn’t found and no one had any knowledge over the endless gas cloud.
They somehow entered a safe spot in gas cloud where magnetic fields created an empty space where there was no gas and no chemical reactions.
Sensing that they found a safe Heaven, the Ra insiders (brothers) started to convert their freighter into a space station.
And thus “3Ra Syndicate” began.
Historically speaking, the Ra found the nebula first before anyone else. However, since the Ra never left the nebula ever again, no one in Sol system knew their newfound territory. It would be thousands years later in 8000x where the nebula cloud was officially explored.

3Ra Syndicate
Over years, desperate criminals on run entered the nebula by pure coincidences, and they were taken in by 3Ra Syndicate. Eventually, 3Ra Syndicate grew in numbers.
3Ra Syndicate was the first organization to ever rule the nebula. No clear historical records remain for the organization however due to lack of communication with outside, and the Ra never kept records. However, it is “assumed” (according to rumors) that 3Ra Syndicated became divided some time in 8700 which would make 3Ra Syndicate the longest organization ever in human history.
Even as divided, 3Ra syndicate would last for an additional thousand years before officially being dissolved.

After 3Ra Syndicate
After 3Ra syndicate broke apart, it was believed that the Nebula was divided into thousands of smaller clans, fighting for dominance.
Even in year 12000, the Nebula would still remain divided although much less divided.
By year 12328, there were three dominant factions: The Nomads, The Blackbird, and lastly CoR (The claw of the Ra).
Due to the alien invasion, the divided Nebula pirates were forced to unite under the Gray Mist led by Gallo the great. In doing so, The Gray Mist became a major faction.

The Nebula Pirates
Those from the nebula started to be referred as “The nebula pirates” at some point in 8000x during exploration era. Explorers met strange pirates and trade routes close to the gas cloud were constantly raided.

Technology of the Nebula Pirates
The Ra clan had to develop entirely new sets of technology in order to survive in chemically active gas cloud. They developed new form of metal alloys for ship’s armors and developed entirely new kind of sensors to work in gas cloud.

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