Red Plate Shipyard

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Red Plate shipyard was a private shuttle company based in exclusively in Andromeda system. While the company specialized in civilian grade shuttles, they had capacity to build much bigger ships and aided Acshell the liberator in supplying cruisers and frigates during the rebellion era covered in [Legends arc] [Andromeda rebellion] [9071].

A third party shipyard, by laws of United Sol, was not permitted to have capacity to build cruisers. In fact, it was illegal for a civilian company to build cruisers. However, laws were never truly regulated in Andromeda during colonization era ( ~ yr 9000) and Red Plate shipyard took advantage of it.

After being credited with assisting Acshell the liberator, the company was given a special treatment and was allowed to keep their capacity after Andromeda colony became independent.

This allowed them to design an inexpensive starter line of personal freighters AKA “Akabasa freighter” which became extremely popular in Andromeda systems and was even fairly popular in Sol system.

Red Plate shipyard ships always had red outer plating which was their signature color.

The company maintained numerous mining outposts in asteroid sea and had company offices on Heaven of Order, Creg’s, and New Creg’s. The company, due to its heroic deeds with the liberator, enjoyed near complete dominance in Andromeda market for civilian shuttles and personal freights.

*You may look up Akabasa freighter under spaceship category for related info.

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