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Core Corporation was a private company specialized in computer operating systems.

Company HQ prior fall of United Sol was Seattle, Earth.

Company HQ after fall of United Sol was Fallen Crater, Venus.


Core Corporation was founded by a man whose name was Core T. Nobody really knew what "T" stood for. Even on his legal documents, his name was stated as "Core T".
Core corp was the de facto OS (Operating system) provider for navy vessels. Their OS was codenamed as W.A.S.P. (Weaponized Assault System Platform). The focus of the OS was fully automated turret control.

Founded on year 9204 by Core T, the company first introduced WASP to freighters. It is worthwhile to note that even the early version of WASP had turret automation despite of non-existent demand for it. Initially, it puzzled those who purchased the OS why its name was WASP in the first place since it wasn't used in combat at all.

W.A.S.P. was indeed first and foremost combat oriented operating system which meant that it was feature rich when it came to such matters. For an example, it had excellent evasive maneuver modes as well as an abilty to calibrate newly installed turrets on fly. While those features were mostly useless for freighters which WASP was initially sold to, software reviewers often discussed about its combat capabilities.

At one point, United Sol navy started to show interest after finding out WASP was far superior than their own inhouse turret automation software. Soon enough, United Sol navy concluded that it was cheaper to deploy WASP instead of spending money on R&D.
Since then, WASP became unofficial standard OS for space ships.

By year 9599, 99.9% space ships used WASP as its OS.

Disputes with Venus
While Core corp kept a low profile most of times, the company had public conflicts with Venus led by Cecil.
Cecil's government cracked WASP (by Kasper) and refused to pay licensing fees.
Initially, Core cop filed a lawsuit but soon realized a lawsuit would have absolutely no effect on Cecil's government. And then they attempted to bargain a deal with Cecil's government which didn't work out.
In the end, Venus government continued to use cracked WASP and there was nothing Core corp could do anything about it.

Relocation to Venus
The company was one of few entities that were allowed to relocate before Cecil ordered the bombardment of Earth during the final moments of United Sol on year 9747. At this point, Core T had already retired and passed away.
Once relocated, the company was progressively absorbed into Venus cosmetic division led by Ksa.
WASP was still being sold regardless and its development continued.

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