U.E. (United Earth)

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After United Sol fell on year 9670, all planets under Sol system went independent automatically by default. However, retaining its own sovereignty was another matter.

Since Venus and Mars were already independent, those two planets had no issues with retaining their sovereignty. They had everything under their control.
However, for all other planets, it created brief chaos for them. Economical independence was the hardest since Saturn, Uranus colony, and Pluto relied on funding from the Ark to operate. Regardless, Saturn and Pluto made a quick turnaround and declared their proper independence after drafting their own laws in a matter of weeks.

> Jupiter acquired Earth and Moon and created its own sovereignty.
> Saturn acquired Uranus colony and created its own sovereignty.
> Pluto attempted to create its own sovereignty but wasn’t recognized initially. Only after it allied itself with Saturn, its sovereignty was acknowledged.
With these events, Sol system had four major powers within and, until United Earth was proposed and formed by Venus, an unstable era began where it was mostly Jupiter supreme leader Emuel attempting to seize Saturn. Rest of planets remained in harmony and sought out no more conflicts.

On year 10201, Venus proposed the formation of United Earth and invited all other powers to join them. Mars and Saturn agreed immediately. Since Saturn agreed, Pluto was forced to.
Jupiter was the last one to accept the proposal.

Major differences between United Sol & United Earth
> Lack of clan intervention: Clan members were still allowed in parliaments. However, clans themselves had no influence in politics.
> Decentralization: Each planet ruled on their own and had their own laws. Venus remained to be their unofficial capital and the supreme leader but only when called upon. The official capital planet was Earth.

The end of U.E.
Year 12328 by the aliens. Total destruction of Solar system meant U.E. was over.

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