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Object-O is pronounced as ab· ject·to and ignores the hyphen. Pronunciation is a little different for their sub divisions. For an example, Fish-O is pronounced as fish O. Wine-O is pronounced as wine O. The hyphen is always ignored.

Object-O was a holding company of many sub divisions which were primarily about food products.
Not many were aware of Object-O by itself. However, their sub divisions such as Fish-O, Wine-O, and Milk-O were well known.

The HQ of Object-O was on Moon while their other ventures were spread out within Sol system.
Their presence reached as far as Freedom colony.

➤ Background
Object-O was a private company founded by Bartek Bau on year 9221. His venture began as a small delivery setup for Moon navy facilities. It was during this period that Bertek felt the need for cheaper and more distributed food across Sol system because he ran into countless navy personnel who wanted better quality food but being unable to obtain them in a timely manner at affordable prices.

Thus, he founded Object-O on 9221 along with a sub division, Milk-O. Milk-O sold synthetic powdered milk at the cheapest price, beating all other competitions. In addition to that, delivery was free & swift as long as minimum order value was met.

Building upon his initial success of Milk-O, Fish-O was established.
Fish was a pricey delicacy due to extreme demand and low supply. The low supply was partially due to the Bau prohibiting fishery on Earth and requiring expensive permits for space fisheries.
Bertek negotiated with the Bau regarding fishery license while purchasing a membership into the clan.
In the end, he obtained an exclusive permit and designed and built special aquatic stations to rapidly grow and harvest fishes in zero gravity. Fish-O proved to be a huge success for the company. Subsequently, Wine-O was established.

By 9599, Bertek was 409 years old. Being a class C hyper human, his life expectancy is around 600. He had 12 children from two marriages. All of his children became employed by Object-O eventually.
It’s worthwhile to note that his ex-wife still lived with him even after the divorce along with his new wife. He essentially had two wives.

He kept his inner circle relatively small and tight, employing only either family members or very close friends.
Once the Bau fell, he quickly renounced his last name.

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