Clans (8)

Clans are a form of organization but they are blood-related by nature.

Origin, year 8400

Based on New Earth of Andromeda, the Natvil was an ESP oriented clan that began itself as a mercenary group in early colonization era of Andromeda system.

The Natvil brothers were the founders of the clan. They were originally just mercenaries who earned their keep by escorting wealthy passengers. The brothers were fairly successful in their careers and led wealthy lifestyles.

When all of their offspring turned out to be ESPs, they felt that it was a calling to form a clan since this was basically how the Klisis was formed.

Thus, the clan Natvil was officially registered.

The origin
According to Earth archive, the Vues were formed by a group of Dutch descendants who grew too discontent with the Bau’s discriminations and suppression. They did not leave Earth but was about to be forced out of their home planet.
Their answer to fight back was forming the Vues and becoming a vassalized clan of the Bau. The archive record states that the formation of the Vues was year 5666.
The Vues’ original land was a small manor in outskirt of Amsterdam and the archive states that the initial number of the clan founders was two hundred fifty one.

The origin
The origin of the O’ren started from Niem O’ren and Kelly Pearson. Niem himself was a French descendant while Kelly was a Scottish descendant.
Niem and Kelly’s story is covered in [Legends arc] [Venus] [2799].
But to sum the story up, initial Venus colonization fleet made an abysmal start and crush-landed on Venus surface. Only few crews made it and among them, there were Niem O’ren and Kelly Pearson.
Fortunately for the survivors, where they crush-landed was within a large crater where they were somewhat protected from harmful elements within untamed Venus atmosphere. They were able to construct an underground base and that was how Venus colonization began. Niem led the survivors and wedded widowed Kelly whose husband was the chief of the colonization team.

The origin
Earth archive did not hold creditable, certified, records of the origin of this clan.
However, the clan officials claimed that they were of Mongolian origin with mix of blood from Russia, China, and Korea. They also claimed that they were one of the oldest surviving clan, even older than the Bau itself. But with their weak influence, they were quickly vassalized by the Bau when they conquered Earth.
For most of their history, they lived a suppressed and silent life.

The origin
According to Earth archive, the Dietrich clan began from the mining town of Freiberg in Germany. The clan is, therefore, German descendant.
The clan was a rich mining corporation that had clear conflicts with the Bau from the start. The Bau eventually drove them out of Earth in sometime around year 3500. Since this point, the Dietrich loathed the Bau.
Where the Dietrich ended up was Mars which turned out to be their heaven literally due to the planet being pretty much full of minable resources but certainly not without heavy prices.

The origin
The Maeka clan was a Japanese-descendant clan. When Saturn colonization began on year 5100, the original Maeda clan on Earth was split between those who wanted to explore the new frontier and those who wanted to stay put.
Those who wanted to reach Saturn had to leave their clan and formed a new one on Saturn, and they altered their last name to Maeka as a result.

➤ The origin
The founder of the clan was a German-British man in Manchester whose three children were all ESPs, himself included. And his grandchildren were all ESPs as well, and that was how the Klisis clan began.
According to Earth archive, the name of the German-British man was Hildebrant *Fashingbauer who lived until 321 years old and died on year 4944. He was the founder of the Klisis clan after seeing his children as well as grandchildren were all ESPs.
*An illegal last name as last name system was demolished. Self-claimed last name still existed.

➤ The Origin and beginning
According to Earth archive, the founder of the Bau was a rich and famed Chinese-American entrepreneur. How he formed the clan exactly wasn’t recorded.

The Bau was the oldest clan in Two Clusters with its first historical record dating back to year 2900s. Its first historical record indicated that it acquired large pieces of lands and claimed it owned 10% of Earth surface.
Later records claimed more and more acquisitions. And a record on year 3131 declared that the Bau had owned 90% of Earth surface, including the sea. Subsequently, the Bau became a force to be reckoned with, and political dominance followed soon after.