Space stations (3)

These stations are my own designs modelled in Blender.


Jupiter station was originally a mining outpost built to sustain massive terraforming projects. Even though the mining outpost was never meant to be a permanent station, because terraforming projects lasted for hundreds of years, the miners and their offspring chose to settle down in space, overcoming human’s inherent inability to inhabit in zero gravity with DNA modification over generations.

On surface, Jovian and other humans who were born and grew up on planets looked identical. Jovian, however, cannot survive under full 1G. They feel uncomfortable with concept of gravity and 0.5G is the best they can take.

Since Jovian don’t even tend to go near planets, this was generally a non-issue. Delegates who had to enter the Ark on Earth for politics were specially trained Jovian with muscle enhancement implants or they were either ESP or hyper humans.

Venus outpost was built in year 9520 and it marked the height of Illy O’ren rule as the Venusian president.

In reality, Venus did not need an outpost in its orbit. It was believed to be built as a symbol of the O’ren’s power.

Uranus outpost started off as a science outpost at the planet Uranus. It soon developed into a trade outpost and later into a space colony.