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About companies and political groups.

Saturn was mostly democratic although its election system could be seen as undemocratic.


Object-O is pronounced as ab· ject·to and ignores the hyphen. Pronunciation is a little different for their sub divisions. For an example, Fish-O is pronounced as fish O. Wine-O is pronounced as wine O. The hyphen is always ignored.

Object-O was a holding company of many sub divisions which were primarily about food products.
Not many were aware of Object-O by itself. However, their sub divisions such as Fish-O, Wine-O, and Milk-O were well known.

The HQ of Object-O was on Moon while their other ventures were spread out within Sol system.
Their presence reached as far as Freedom colony.

After United Sol fell on year 9670, all planets under Sol system went independent automatically by default. However, retaining its own sovereignty was another matter.

Since Venus and Mars were already independent, those two planets had no issues with retaining their sovereignty. They had everything under their control.
However, for all other planets, it created brief chaos for them. Economical independence was the hardest since Saturn, Uranus colony, and Pluto relied on funding from the Ark to operate. Regardless, Saturn and Pluto made a quick turnaround and declared their proper independence after drafting their own laws in a matter of weeks.

Lightwave shipyard was a space vessel construction company based on Mars long before Mars declared independence.
After sensing that the friction between the Bau and the Dietrich would only get worse, they made a bold decision to relocate company HQ to Saturn.
Their decision meant the company was able to keep operating after Mars declared independence.

The shipyard specialized in industrial vessels such as mining ships. They are best known for “Worker class” mining vessels.

Their direct rival was SSS (SuperStar Shipyard) in Sol.

Andromeda union was an indepedent sovereignty based on Andromeda cluster. Year 9098 was the year of their independence.

Core Corporation was a private company specialized in computer operating systems.

Company HQ prior fall of United Sol was Seattle, Earth.

Company HQ after fall of United Sol was Fallen Crater, Venus.

Red Plate shipyard was a private shuttle company based in exclusively in Andromeda system. While the company specialized in civilian grade shuttles, they had capacity to build much bigger ships and aided Acshell the liberator in supplying cruisers and frigates during the rebellion era covered in [Legends arc] [Andromeda rebellion] [9071].

Super Star Shipyard was more known as abbreviated “SSS”.
SSS was based in Sol system and the company dominated in Sol market. They did have a solid competitor in Lightwave shipyard in Sol system.
The company specialized in custom shuttles and freighters. Their HQ office as well as a general factory were located on Moon. Meanwhile, location of their main shipyard was shrouded in secret.
The company was more known for its large freighter ships but they were also often commissioned to produce custom spaceships on demand. An example was VNN’s custom shuttle. SSS was also commissioned to produce custom shuttles for ENN as well.

After fall of United Sol, SSS volunteered to relocate its HQ to Venus but was denied. Instead, Cecil granted a small space station for them to use as their HQ a distance away from Venus.

The Nebula
During space exploration era under President Gawain Klisis, a large nebula was found that sat between Sol system and Andromeda cluster. While this was when the nebula was found officially, existence of the nebula was known as early as A.D. 4000. They just did not know how big it was until the exploration era.
To be more precise, only a tip of the Nebula exists between the neutral zone between Sol cluster and Andromeda cluster.
Initial attempts to explore the nebula ended in failure as ordinary sensors became nullified in gas cloud. In addition, gas cloud and constant chemical reactions proved to be fetal for ship’s shield and armor.
For many thousands years, the Nebula was the unknown.

United Solar system Federation or far more commonly referred as simply United Sol was a solar system wide nation that existed for approximately 2,500 years before finally collapsing.
United Sol was formed on 7192. However, the spirit of United Sol dated all the way back to United States of America.

Imagination entertainment was often abbreviated as Imagination or even more often as IMG.

It was the largest pornography company in Two Clusters and was de facto in the industry.
With their blunt slogan “Sex sells”, they were bold on what they did and how they did it. They covered all kind of pornographies, including homosexual genre. Their shows ranged from simple beach house episodes to scat parties.
HQ of IMG was located on Freedom colony. Due to legal issues, it was the only place they could safely operate.

VNN was the only news network on Venus.
It is important to note that VNN never had any connections with ENN and ENN had their own Venus division prior formation of VNN which was phased out when it became apparent that VNN became the de-facto news channel.