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About various things about Two Clusters.

Those who spend most of their lives in zero and low gravity in Two Clusters, attire can be an issue, especially for women.


In Two Clusters, spaceships and space stations have designated floors which emit a faint electronic magnetic field and shoes/boots are designed to stick to such floors which gives a designated ground to walk on. In some cases, it’s vice versa where shoes/boots emit a faint electronic magnetic field and sticks to iron/steel floors.

Hyper humans (Slang: hman) are physically enhanced by nature. Like ESPs, no genetic manipulation was done for their birth.

Unlike ESPs, however, traits of being hyper-human is sometimes not entirely obvious. Some may be awaken to their potentials well past his childhood. The prime example is Juun, the White Knight, who became a hyper-human in his teen.

Also unlike ESPs, there is no pure blood clan for hyper-humans.

Hyper-humans do not have specializations.

Like ESP ranks, there are five ranks for Hyper humans.

Rank S is the highest. Then rank A, B, C, and lastly D.

Three kind of calendars are used in Two Clusters.

Those who live in “inner Sol”, meaning Venus, Earth, Moon, and Mars have a strong tendency to use the calendar that is widely used for our time.

Strictly speaking, cars as we know do not exist in Two Clusters. No vehicle in the novel has wheels of any kind and are equipped with civilian grade ion thrusters to levitate and maneuver.
Additionally, all certified cars in Two Clusters are space worthy, meaning the cars are capable of escaping Earth gravity and vice versa.
In some cases, cars or vehicles are referred as shuttles because they are indeed shuttles strictly speaking.
A shuttle is defined by two factors. The first factor is its space worthiness. The second is its crew capacity is less than 10 but more than 1.
A one-manned shuttle is considered a fighter craft.

Clans in Two Clusters
A clan is a group of people with biological connections. To put it simply, they are a giant group of families gathered together.
In Two Clusters, only clan members are legal to carry a last name. People not in clans may claim to have a last name but such last names won’t be legal and won’t be registered.

A clan is basically a kinship. A clan has their own laws that are enforced. If a clan holds superior political powers over a local government, such a clan will effectively outplay its local government. A prime example is the Bau which literally ruled Earth due to their supreme political dominance over the planet.

In some cases, a clan would form a government and become a nation itself. Two prime example are the Dietrich and the Klisis.
The Dietrich became a nation based on Mars. The Klisis became a nation based on Venus.

And there are clans that are dominated by bigger clans. Most of clans in Two Clusters fall to this group. Few well-known ones are the Gro and the Vues.

Currency in Two Cluster was completely united under “Credit”. Credit was still often referred as money or even cash. Strictly plural form of “Credit” was not grammatically correct. However, a lot used plural form as in “credits”.
There was no physical money in Two Clusters. It was completely digital and one’s bank account was tied to one’s ID. There were still other ways to create more banks accounts but all bank account had to be tied with IDs or a corporation. Else, it was considered fraudulent accounts.

In Two Clusters, death was often a choice rather than inevitability.
That was primarily due to a fact that humans lived more than four hundred years on average.
Thanks to technologies and DNA modifications over thousands of years, humans evolved to become nearly immortal.
The problem, however, was spiritual integrity. In other words, human minds weren’t built to last hundreds of years without going insane.
Another side effect of such longevity was what was referred as “Brain shutdown”. The case was that a person’s brain would seize to function at one point with little warnings prior. This almost always ( 99.9% ) occurred when a person was over 400 years old.
More than half of death was suicide. Socially active people had much higher tendency to commit suicide than solitary people.

① Introduction
Earth archive was mankind’s primary means of storing data for record keeping. The archive was located on Earth and its datacenters were spread out throughout the planet for redundancy.

The archive was established in United Sol President Gawain Klisis’ regime on year 7511 and was one of his great achievements. And the archive possessed digital records that went as early as 2900s.

True Equality Act or sometimes referred as the Last Equality Act (because it was the last gender related legislation) was the first solar system wide legislation that was passed in year 3022. This legislation was mentioned only once in Two Clusters which is [Cecil arc] [1] [Cecilia] [3022].

At the time of the legislation, mankind had spread to Venus and Mars, and the legislation was the first one to take an immediate effect on all three planets simultaneously.
The legislation removed lastname with exception being clans. The reason it was called True Equality Act was the unfairness when it came to children inheriting father’s lastname in general. After the legislation came in effect, everyone became lastname-less. Thus, removal of the last unfairness for females, at least on paper.

Clans were exempt to this. However, children no longer inherited father’s lastname by default. If a child’s mother was more politically powerful, the child inherited mother’s lastname if the couple were from two different clans.
Another lore file “Clan structure” explains further on this.

This legislation was challenged a few times shortly after its approval. However, True Equality Act stayed on and was accepted as norm as generations passed.

➤ Brief info about ESP Ranks
ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. Cause of gaining ESP is currently unknown in our time.
In Two Clusters, there are a fairly large number of ESPs. On year 9599 alone, number of registered ESP exceeded 50 million although this number included class B, C, and D.
There had been few hypothesizes about the increasing number of ESPs. The most convincing one had been a hypothesis that gravity may have something to do with ESP as those who were born in low or zero gravity had a relatively higher chance of being an ESP.
However, some of the most powerful ESPs in the history of Two Clusters were born under a normal gravity level ( 1G ).
There are 5 ranks for determining ESP's ability.
Rank S is the highest. Then rank A, B, C, and lastly D.

Liberty captains were basically freelancer captains. However, a license was required to be one. A liberty captain license granted a person a permit to own a warship legally, but size of their warships was limited to cruiser class.

There was no requirement to become a liberty captain. However, a background check was conducted to those who applied to become one. This was done to filter out possible spies and criminals. Once that was done, one had to go through a 4-week course for a basic captain training.

The original intent of this program was to provide civilians a chance to become a legitimate captain.

Liberty captains were provided with support at authorized ports and planets. They were able to purchase supplies for cheaper rates. They were also paid a small wage every season (3 months). Liberty captains were generally capable of supporting their own ship and crew, so the small wage was more of bonus to them.

➤ About
The name is originated from Noah’s Ark.
United Sol federation president Gawain decided to construct a fortified structure to house himself, the house, and the senate. Prior to construction of Ark, heavily expanded and modified white house was used.
The location of the Ark was Washington D.C. and was within a special zone where it was completely free of the Bau’s control.
The Ark was a series of fortified building in U shape. The builds were capable of withstanding orbital bombardments and later implemented shields.
Construction of the Ark marked the most flourishing era of United Sol under Gawain Klisis as their president (7006 ~ 7798)