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Spaceships (16)

Two Clusters is a sci-fi story. So, obviously there are space ships.

The spaceship 3D models are all my original designs modelled in Blender.

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Characters (0)

This category contains 3D models of characters from the novel.

Please note that, unlike spaceships and stations, these are not my original creations. Each character file will note its origin.

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Space stations (2)

These stations are my own designs modelled in Blender.

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Organizations (11)

About companies and political groups.

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Planets (5)

Every planet has a history to tell.

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The World (12)

About various things about Two Clusters.

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Clans (7)

Clans are a form of organization but they are blood-related by nature.

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Vehicles (1)

Hover bikes, cars, and so on.

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