Cars in Two Clusters

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Strictly speaking, cars as we know do not exist in Two Clusters. No vehicle in the novel has wheels of any kind and are equipped with civilian grade ion thrusters to levitate and maneuver.
Additionally, all certified cars in Two Clusters are space worthy, meaning the cars are capable of escaping Earth gravity and vice versa.
In some cases, cars or vehicles are referred as shuttles because they are indeed shuttles strictly speaking.
A shuttle is defined by two factors. The first factor is its space worthiness. The second is its crew capacity is less than 10 but more than 1.
A one-manned shuttle is considered a fighter craft.

This (Car having no wheels and having an ability to fly) has profound effect on how cities are designed. There is no car on ground level and streets are open to only pedestrians with traffic occurring approximately 100 ft (30 meters) above at least.

Civilian grade cars
Civilian grade cars are programmed not to veer away from designated roads which makes it far easier to acquire civilian grade driver’s license.
Controls on civilian grade cars are also restricted in only x and y axis which makes it act like a traditional car.
This grade car also has an ability to automate routes.
Acquiring this sort of car requires only money and a driver’s license.

Industrial grade vehicle
Industrial grade cars have limited z-axis control which allows it to ascend and descend manually. Other than that, there is no crucial difference from civilian grade.

Law enforcement grade (Police grade)
Police vehicles have fully unlocked control and an ability to veer off designated roads at will. They also have an ability to systematically terminate digitally designated roads which would stop any civilian grade cars from crossing.

All major spaceship shipyards produce a range of shuttles which include civilian grade cars.
Major shipyards in Sol system include SSS (SuperStarShipyard) and Lightwave shipyard. Red Plate shipyard’s market share is weak in Sol system.

In Andromeda cluster, there is Red plate shipyard. Market share for SSS and Lightwave is weak in the cluster.

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