Hyper Humans

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Hyper humans (Slang: hman) are physically enhanced by nature. Like ESPs, no genetic manipulation was done for their birth.

Unlike ESPs, however, traits of being hyper-human is sometimes not entirely obvious. Some may be awaken to their potentials well past his childhood. The prime example is Juun, the White Knight, who became a hyper-human in his teen.

Also unlike ESPs, there is no pure blood clan for hyper-humans.

Hyper-humans do not have specializations.

Like ESP ranks, there are five ranks for Hyper humans.

Rank S is the highest. Then rank A, B, C, and lastly D.

Hyper Human class S

The rarest class of all. It is said that they are capable of running at “speed of light”, a trait that has yet to be seen, because humans can’t see things at such speed, but many believe.

Class S hyper-humans are also capable of lifting one hundred tons in one arm. Their physical powers are beyond anyone’s simple imagination.

Their physical powers are further enhanced by their naturally gifted battle sense, making them one mean killing machine.

They are also known to be able to survive in space without a spacesuit.

Like class S EPSs, at no time of Two Clusters, their number exceeded ten.


Hyper Human class A

Class A hyper-humans are a lot more common than class S.

Class A hyper-humans are almost always hired by government agencies and are often paired with ESPs of a similar class for teamwork and efficiency.

Their number saw a very sharp decline during the alien invasion and no more than 50 class A hyper-humans existed during and after the invasion.


Hyper Human class B

Class B hyper-humans are widely hired by agencies (Federal or else). They are the main workforce. They are also the ones that perish the most during missions.


Hyper Human class C

Class C hyper-humans make really good athletes. And they are sometimes hired by government agencies for less difficult tasks. Class C hyper-humans also make good guards.


Hyper Human class D

Class D hyper-humans often make good athletes, and most of them end up being athletes. They are almost never hired by government agencies for missions because they are simply no match for higher classes.

In reality, “Class D” certification is not given because participants don’t generally want such a low-end certification. It’s useless.



Unlike ESPs, there is no extra benefit for hyper-humans to overexert themselves other than obvious advantages that come with overexerting.

In such a status, hyper-humans will not bleed from their eyes, ears, nose and such. However, their veins will enlarge to a point that their skin surface will become rather ugly and monstrous.

There has been no reported case of hyper-humans dying from overexertion.


Gun & Swords

Hyper-humans generally prefer melee weapons over ranged weapons. Their reason is quite simple. Melee weapons give more “feedback” when taking down opponents. And for class S and A hyper-humans, dodging bullets and such is as easy as dodging a tissue flying at them.

However, few do prefer ranged weapons. The prime example is Devon, a class A hyper-human and the daughter of Gvew, who uses a pair of unique, custom-built, pistols.

Meanwhile, all class S hyper-humans exclusively use blades.



The perfect mind (Unique cases)

“The perfect mind” is a form of being a psychopath but in a positive way. The perfect mind is explained the best in two stories “The White Knight” and “The Black Knight”.

The perfect mind trait has only been found on hyper humans and only three cases existed. The first case was Juun. The second case was Eran Gro. And the last case was Gallo of the Gray mist (Gallo achieved his perfect mind during his last moments of his life).

Explanation of the perfect mind is simple. If one has absolutely no doubt at all in what he does even in his deep sub-consciousness, he has achieved the perfect mind. It’s certainly easier to be said than done.

Ones with the perfect mind become immune to ESP mind attacks as mind attacks try to exploit fears.

In addition, hyper humans with the perfect mind seemed to have received a massive boost to their abilities, even exceeding classification of class S by a big margin. It is completely unknown how the three men acquired the perfect mind because no study was ever done on the subject.

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