Space attire

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Those who spend most of their lives in zero and low gravity in Two Clusters, attire can be an issue, especially for women.


In Two Clusters, spaceships and space stations have designated floors which emit a faint electronic magnetic field and shoes/boots are designed to stick to such floors which gives a designated ground to walk on. In some cases, it’s vice versa where shoes/boots emit a faint electronic magnetic field and sticks to iron/steel floors.

Clothes fabrics also contain a certain amount of iron/steel threads so that it would not float around.


For men, space attire hasn’t changed much if at all.

For women, long skirts are avoided in space even if it has been reinforced with iron/steel threads. Short skirts are sometimes worn but women are recommended to wear shorts underneath any kind of skirt in space.

USF Navy dressing code

USF Navy’s dressing code is moderate. They don’t impose strict rules but do ask navy personnel not to expose too much skin.

The navy provides three examples for uniforms.

One is a tight full body suit which is heavily favored by females.

Another is loose full body suit which is favored by engineers.

The third one is a simple loose shirt and pants which are considered de facto uniform of the navy for officers.

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