Venus outpost

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Venus outpost was built in year 9520 and it marked the height of Illy O’ren rule as the Venusian president.

In reality, Venus did not need an outpost in its orbit. It was believed to be built as a symbol of the O’ren’s power.


The outpost was a small one, with a capacity of just 1,000 people and had a single shipyard module. The outpost wasn’t capable of ducking cruisers due to its size constraint.

The actual purpose of the outpost remained vague throughout Illy’s rule which sparked a debate that it was a symbolic rather than practical.


However, all that changed upon Cecil’s take over on year 9599.

Cecil quickly refitted the outpost to hold various R&D labs and opened a large section of the outpost to civilians as a tourist destination.

Solar wind surfing became a popular sport as a direct result and the outpost would become the most popular holiday spots for Venusians.

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