Jupiter assault station

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Jupiter station was originally a mining outpost built to sustain massive terraforming projects. Even though the mining outpost was never meant to be a permanent station, because terraforming projects lasted for hundreds of years, the miners and their offspring chose to settle down in space, overcoming human’s inherent inability to inhabit in zero gravity with DNA modification over generations.

On surface, Jovian and other humans who were born and grew up on planets looked identical. Jovian, however, cannot survive under full 1G. They feel uncomfortable with concept of gravity and 0.5G is the best they can take.

Since Jovian don’t even tend to go near planets, this was generally a non-issue. Delegates who had to enter the Ark on Earth for politics were specially trained Jovian with muscle enhancement implants or they were either ESP or hyper humans.

By year 5000, the mining station was no longer just a mining station but rather a colony with more than one million permanent residents.

The mining station itself was no longer just a mining station, either, with many blocks added and modified, it was becoming a full colony.


However, there was only so much they could improve over an aging structure that was originally meant to be just a mining station. Therefore, a new plan to build an entirely new station began. While the plan was rejected by government due to financial challenges, the miners themselves foot in the bill and they were going to work on the new station by themselves whether permission was given or not.

In the end, the permission was granted.


Thus, Jupiter assault station was born. The construction had lasted 400 years from A.D. 5600 to 6000. However, the new station was functional within 10 years of the construction. It was just that it took 400 years to fully complete everything.




The station had two large and long docking arms which were capable of docking even SSS Slates and the docking arms were the most active zones within the station. The rest of the station was dedicated to residential needs.

Navy R&D and other navy related activities were done on buildings attached on docking arms. Station bridge was located between the docking arms and it would be the last place to go down by design.


As the name “Assault” states, the station had numerous turrets although the station never used its weapons due to a fact that Jupiter sector was very secure. Therefore, by year 9599, the turrets were more or less aesthetic and many of them were removed. The defense of the station was done by Jovian fleet which were 11,000 cruiser-strong.



Autonomous Region

The miners were very rich and Jupiter was far from Earth. This meant that the miners began to seek more legislative rights after they built their own station.

The government was more or less forced to grant their increasing demands for more rights as tax income from Jupiter was nothing to scoff at, not to mention virtually all resources were coming from Jupiter.


By year 9599, Jupiter region was completely autonomous. This would eventually backfire on United Sol to a point that it proved to be the main reason for the downfall of the federation.


Population and Jovian culture

By year 9599, Jupiter sector had 20 million residents and the sector had 6 stations. The main station was Jupiter assault station. Other structures were mining related, plus two shipyards. 95% of the population was workforce. There was no retirement age and young children were taught and were thrown into the mix as soon as they were willing with a common age being just 5.


The high percentage of workforce was due to the culture of Jupiter where those who weren’t working were considered useless and socially frowned upon.

Jovian society also did not feature any form of lotteries which was similar to Martian culture. Hard working people were praised and those who slacked were frowned upon or worse they became isolated. Parties were also rare with majority of population preferring to spend their spare time in hobbies which were, most of time, something-mechanical.




Jupiter was a mining society. Out of 20 million population (by 9599), 80% was miners and the rest was either engineers or was in Jovian navy.

Jupiter as a nation never lacked fund. While they were never as rich as Mars, they had never gone into red. Miners were paid accordingly by how much they mined and engineers were on fixed wages.



Government structure

Jupiter sector was run by an administrator who was appointed by the President of United Sol. There was a 35-year term limit. However, unless opposed by the Ark after the term, an administrator would be in power until he was dismissed. In the history of United Sol, no administrator was ever opposed.

An administrator had full authorities under his chain of command. The structure was very militarism with the administrator having near full authority within his territory.


In the case of Jupiter, the reality was that Jupiter administrator had powers to resist his dismissal due to a fact that Jupiter had a fleet of 11,000 cruisers. In other words, a Jupiter administrator could revolt against United Sol.

In reality, such a choice wasn’t even explored until United Sol became weaker and weaker throughout year 9600. The last administrator of Jupiter sector, Emuel, indeed revolted against his dismissal when Fraser Bau attempted to dismiss him. A secret deal was struck between them to keep Emuel in power in exchange for loyalty which would backfire in the end.

The harsh truth was that United Sol at that time simply had no power to stop Jupiter and United Sol needed Jupiter far more than Jupiter needed United Sol.


The fall of the Bau, and subsequently the fall of United Sol, had many major factors. Jupiter revolt was one of them.



Post United Sol

Jupiter had easy transition into full sovereignty after fall of United Sol due to several factors. The first was that they were ready for it and that they were already pretty much already independent.

However, despite becoming the most powerful faction post United Sol, they could never expand their sphere of influence. While they did conquer Earth and Moon, they were “useless junk planets” by Emuel’s own words. Since Emuel was a Jovian, he didn’t have any sentiment toward Earth.

Emuel did attempt to put Saturn and Uranus outpost under his command but his attempts failed.



Jupiter station had been expanding via additional buildings on top and bottom of its docking arms. Due to the way the station is positioned, top side receives sun light and bottom side always remains in shadow. While, due to zero gravity across the station, it didn’t matter which side a building was on, top side was always more preferred over bottom side.

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