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  3. Sunday, 28 May 2017
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Notable changes in version 1.0.0 RC:
This is a release candidate. Basically, this is the last push before making it an official release. The game is basically complete at this point.
A lot of minor changes were made. None of it was significant however. Majority of changes come from Pre-war stage. I added few more quests and fixed up bugs in quests. I also adjusted quest rewards.

1. A post game world has been implemented. It has only one room at the moment[/list] however. Post game world will be casually expanded once full release is made. Bhavacakra website is now complete along with a bug reporting forum. The game page was updated to reflect this, so take a look if you wish.

2. I played the game from the start again as a final quality testing and adjusted / balanced / bug-fixed a lot of things. Cash rewards were lowered. New quests were added in both pre-war and plot 3.

3. Some side quests in plot 3 have profound effect in post game. For an example, the shewolf quest. Completing it will enable a new companion in post game. Another is Battling Colro quest. Completing it will add a training ground for new classes in post game. Bruroke pirate quest line is another that will add one more companion you can recruit.

4. Another companion, Voyin the pirate, has been added with his own CG portraits and etc. You can add him only if you’ve done his quests and you are in post game however.

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