Two Clusters is a novel of mine that I've been working on as a hobby.

I've been writing it for many years (More than three decades) and there are a lot of contents in both story and lore wise.

The novel is (fantasy) sci-fi. The story officially begins on year 9599. I've set the year so far into the future so that I would not be restricted with realism and give me the necessary ground to build my own world. This also means that the novel is not scientifically accurate.

It is a modular story "Modular story" means that individual stories are not bound by chapters. Stories are bound only by year it was set in. This also means that the stories are very often relatively short, usually 10 ~ 30 pages most of time. This is primarily because I do not need to have "setup" part and "resolution" part in a typical story structure. Each story still has merits but often their roles are small enough to be in few tens of pages. You will need to have a boarder point of view to understand the stories better.

In other words, this story has no central plot. It does have plots in forms of “arcs” but in the grand theme of things, there is no central plot that binds the stories together. Each arc stands on its own and have its own set of characters, meaning a main character in story A might appear as a side kick in story B or even just as a bystander.

Two Clusters is basically a collection of stories. TC is also rich in its lore. That is partially due to my desire to create a world for my characters to breathe in.


Bhavacakra is a universe that is a folk of Two Clusters. In a nutshell, this is a fantasy, and slimmed down, version of Two Clusters with medieval settings. While I do have about a book worth of stories, they are not published. Instead, the story exists in games.

There are currently three games under Bhavacakra universe: Bhavacakra 1, Bhavacakra Adventures, Gallium & Grace