This game is completed with version 1.1.1.

Game timeline: 20 years prior Bhavacakra Maco and 41 years prior Bhavacakra.

? Plot synopsis

Grace is a mercenary from Cizna guild. She has been dispatched to a small mining village of Darem on Alcella island to ensure security of the settlement. She oversees a first attack on the village by a group of goblins. Her being a mage and alone meant that overall outcome wasn't satisfactory.

Therefore, Darem village chieftain hires a local mercenary to help her out. While she successfully defends the village and more, a nearby Lord lays his eyes on her. Thus, her ordeal begins.


☕ Features

  1. Only 6 hours of game play: You can finish it in one attempt.
  2. Custom titleset and sprites: The game doesn't look like an ordinary MV game.
  3. 720p screen resolution: No more tiny screens
  4. On map encounter: No more random encounter.
  5. Three endings.