Two Clusters Cold Haven walkthrough

Build ver: 0.0.2 Date 2021 August 1

Important stuff: This game does not offer instant healing. All heals are HoT (Heal over time). Basically, when you do a healing skill, it takes its effect after a turn. Remember that.

Another important stuff: Human healing skills do NOT work on drones. It's obvious but can be forgettable.
Finally, 1 credit equals to 1 USD.

👯 Factions

😐 The faceless ⎆ Nicholas' agency. Used to be a large agency dominating in Cold haven. A shell of its former self at the start with just two active members (Nick & Cass).

😼 The Kitty cats ⎆ A small three-member agency. The members are Lexi, Lexa, and Aurora (Support). Neutral at the start.

🦜 The Blackbirds ⎆ A recent agency founded by Kleon. He seeks to aggressively establish & expand his venture in Cold Haven. Hostile from the start.

🖤 The Blackmen ⎆ A very large, and shady, organization that establishes themselves in lawless zones mostly. They operate a small hideout in Cold haven. Not very active in Cold haven but a force to be reckoned with.

❤️ Romance

👧 Cass ⎆ She is the first one you can access to and is probably the easiest one to romance. She is average in everything and is submissive in relationships. She is also the only one who will stick around even if you reject her ultimately.

📜 Story related quests

▶️ The first job

▶️ Stolen chems